Concept and UX design for online rate calculator by Ergosign

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Direct contact with end customers in online sales for LV 1871.

LV 1871 has been consistently pursuing the path to digitalizing its products and processes for several years. We designed both the "My LV 1871" portal and the "Online Death Benefits Calculator" as part of an agile collaboration.

UX Design
User Research

BriefDigital interface between LV 1871 and end customers

We developed the concept for a digital interface between LV 1871 and end customers as part of these two projects. A large part of this is an online premium calculator, which customers can use to take out insurance products themselves. The purchase of insurance products and their management can be done both via desktop and mobile devices, around the clock, through the personal portal "My LV 1871". This process is also adaptable for future products.

Approach"Online Death Benefits Calculator"

Taking out an insurance contract is a necessary but not necessarily popular topic for many people. So it is all the more important to make the process as simple, understandable, and quick as possible. Initially, the user research focused more on older users with the "Online Death Benefits Calculator" project. As part of the visual design, we ensured to pick up on the existing look & feel and CI of LV 1871 for the Online Death Benefits Calculator, complementing it meaningfully while integrating innovative elements that allow customers to configure the product correctly in a fun way. The Online Death Benefits Calculator uses an interactive slider for live calculations, which means that taking out insurance is designed in a playful way that also prompts the user. Once the insurance has been purchased, the contract can be processed automatically without the agents' involvement.

Approach“My LV 1871”

The "My LV 1871" project ran in parallel, and we designed a customer portal that enables customers to easily and efficiently manage insurance contracts. The aim was also to take up the existing look & feel and CI of LV 1871. As part of "My LV 1871", end customers receive a direct login to the customer portal, where they can manage their data and contracts at any time, register benefit cases online, and track the processing status. All created systems behave responsively. Based on interactive UI prototypes, the hypotheses and design ideas that emerged as part of the UX design were validated with a wide variety of user groups (personas). These analyses took place regularly with customers at Ergosign's usability laboratory as well as at LV 1871's office.

OutcomeContract management fully digital

The proactive online conclusion of the contract and determination of premiums using the Online Death Benefits Calculator reduce the amount of consulting required for LV 1871. A step-by-step advisory process guides interested users while reacting and adjusting to different user requirements. The transparency of contract management in the "My LV 1871" portal also makes processing more efficient and streamlines bureaucracy for both users and LV 1871.

About the clientAbout LV 1871

Life Insurance from 1871 a. G. München specializes in income protection, life, and pension insurance. Customers that insurance brokers advise are the focus of LV 1871, a mutual insurance cooperation.

UI Ergosign for the calculator for death benefit insurance from LV1871
UI Ergosign for the calculator for death benefit insurance from LV1871

Stefan Feickert, Project Manager, Application Sales Department Life Insurance from 1871 a. G. München

“We have found an excellent partner in Ergosign, who has been supporting us flexibly and competently throughout the UX process for several years with their experience.”

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