With the perfect UX from Ergosign to the test winner of the tax return

Happy woman doing her tax return at the dining table.

Tax return finally easy - with the software series from Buhl Data Service.

For many people, the annual tax return is the stuff of nightmares; but it doesn't have to be that way. The WISO Steuer: range of software provides support and helps complete and submit the tax return. Ergosign redesigned the applications' interface while respecting the platform-specific characteristics. The focus was on improving the UI and the UX and creating a standardized look and feel.

UX Design
Icon Design

BriefConsistent look and feel with improved UX

When it comes to tax software, it's essential to create a standardized look and feel for different systems. What should be created is a modern and sustainable design that offers an excellently optimized user experience. Also, the operation should be as intuitive and straightforward as possible for the users.

ApproachNew look of the Dark UI

With the development of the Dark UI, the look & feel of the software had not only to be "translated" into darkness but also the technical requirements for the controls, and the contrast ratio had to be taken into account. Over 600 icon metaphors were adapted for the Dark UI. The icons must work as background on many different shades of gray while preserving the color world of the Light UI icons. With the help of defining key icons, ideal color contrasts were determined.

OutcomeMultiple award-winning

Thanks to the long-lasting partnership between Buhl and Ergosign, the team acquired extensive knowledge about the software. The optimized navigation and tooltips displayed to the user make it easier for them to use the software.

We are particularly proud of the multiple awards the software series has received: in 2017, it was once again a Stiftung Warentest test winner (5/2017 Finance Test), as well as the winner of the CHIP "Tax Software” practical comparison test, a FOCUS MONEY test winner (rating: 1.3) in the "Tax Programs” category, and a Computer BILD test winner (3/2017 issue: GOOD), and also received recognition from WirtschaftsWoche, €uro and MacLife.

About the clientBuhl Data Service GmbH

Buhl Data Service is among Germany's leading software development firms and, as a service provider, sells a successful range of software relating to taxes, money, and the office. The personal finance management products are primarily aimed at private users.

Screen of the WISO software from Ergosign in a tablet.
Screen of the WISO software from Ergosign in a tablet.

Peter Schmitz, Chief Executive Officer by Buhl Tax Service GmbH

"With Ergosign we easily manage the balancing act between sustainable development and strategic expansion.“

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