How we workWe co-create solutions with our clients.

A group of Ergosign employees in a meeting.

We strive for collaboration and we can adapt.

We have successfully delivered more than 5000 projects to our clients, and we have learned about the importance of adapting to our client's environment.

We always strive for collaboration with stakeholders and teams. Over the years we have built a rich library of well-tested methods and best practices to enable collaboration. We love to build products users need and enjoy.

Our process

Dive-in &

We listen to all stakeholders: teams, users, customers. Our intention is to gain a deep understanding of all influences that impact the experience with you or your product — paving the ground for reinforcing your business best.

Envision &

We identify opportunities to improve the experience and align it with the business. We envision the next level of your products and services, bringing them in context and help to prioritize activities with higher impact.

Design &

We create interactive prototypes that make our design solutions tangible — allowing to experience the future of your products and services already today. Our goal is to validate whether a solution comprehensively fits the identified needs of users and stakeholders. We iteratively refine it based on the feedback of formative user studies.

Implement &

We implement your digital product or deliver design support for your implementation. We can define metrics and valuable data to measure the experiences for the next iteration. Design never stops.

Guiding principles

Collaboration &

At Ergosign, we share a hands-on mentality and passion for our work. Co-creation for us means to consider all perspectives from business to customers, to technology and to our clients’ employees. We strive for the most valuable solution, but also leverage the playfulness of the creative process. That's how we roll.


We build solutions on insights gained from users and other stakeholders. We explore and validate throughout the entire design process — both in-field and in our UX labs. We understand how to inform early hypotheses and how to set focus.

Ambitious goals
— and diplomatic

We are ambitious and balance user needs, technological possibilities, and economic constraints carefully, to achieve truly elegant solutions. To share and realize our vision, we will go above and beyond. For this challenging endeavor, we team up diplomatically.

from day one

Our technology experts are proficient in constantly pushing the limits of state-of-the-art technologies. We integrate their expertise early to guarantee that convincing ideas become reality — with reasonable effort.

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How we support our clients

We provide managed design support for inhouse teams

We support clients with high-end design power – typically, we work from our offices. We are experienced in working together with in-house teams and smoothly integrating remotely in their environments and infrastructures.

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We design & develop digital products and services

In collaboration with our clients, we envision, define and enhance products and services that follow the human-centered design process. We align design and development to provide remarkable experiences that elevate our clients’ business.

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We innovate for user experience excellence

We comprehensively analyze the experiences that our clients’ customers encounter along their journey. Our goal is a consistently positive experience across all touch points along the customer journey – to drive customer loyalty and business growth.

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We help our clients to grow into a human-centered organization

We grow design capabilities and a human-centered culture of innovation within organizations. By introducing accessible customer insights, we build the foundation to apply collaborative innovation methods to enable them to turn discovered opportunities into sustainable solutions.

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