Ergosign accompanied conceptual and visual design the new WebAkte

WebAkte from e.Consult AG on a tablet.

The new WebAkte from e.Consult AG inspires clients.

As a comprehensive digitalization partner in the law, insurance, auditing, and tax consultancy industries, e.Consult AG entrusted us with the conceptual and visual design of the client view for their WebAkte application - this application allows users to digitalize written communication with their clients. A minimalistic, straightforward design was to reflect the enormous simplification of communication.

UX Design

ApproachWorkshops & creative techniques

In various workshops, we joined forces with e.Consult and used creative techniques to achieve results that formed the foundations for the final clean design. We began with a kick-off and scoping workshop in which we defined a target use scenario for proto-personas. We also used the 'rapid fire' creative technique to gather feedback on the previous version of WebAkte and defined requirements for the new WebAkte. This resulted in the new concept, which we began visualizing after establishing a design with the Ergosign design compass. In a joint design workshop, we added the finishing touches to the UX design. To support e.Consult after the subsequent hand-over of interactive control specifications, we provided our specialist and technical know-how in a development workshop.

OutcomeThe end user takes center stage

The specific use contexts of WebAkte entail special requirements. In order to test essential factors, such as smooth and complete documentation and communication between the parties involved, we conducted user testing in our Usability Lab in Saarbrücken. The test participants carried out tasks we identified as target scenarios in the scoping workshop - either on the desktop version or using a mobile device. Using the industry standard SUS questionnaire, we evaluated the quality and usability of our design in a simple and substantiated manner. The test users were impressed; the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

About the cliente.Consult AG

e.Consult AG combines the knowledge of IT specialists e.Consult AG combines IT specialists' knowledge with intelligent service providers' customer orientation. With a team of colleagues from various disciplines, they use industry knowledge to develop smart, digital communication solutions and opportunities to easily and securely exchange electronic data. Their solutions are simple, quick, secure, and efficient — tailored to their customers by an interdisciplinary team of experts. Awarded the 2018 'Innovationspreis IT' innovation award for the SME category, e.Consult stands for innovative solutions that the digital business world needs.

Ergosign screens of the WebAkte from e.Consult AG.
Ergosign screens of the WebAkte from e.Consult AG.

Tobias Nest, Senior Softwareentwickler bei e.Consult AG

"Ergosign quickly understood our ideas and needs, and translated these into an application concept. The "control specification" was invaluable in the actual implementation."

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