Efficient big data visualization for optimal usability.

Forked stacker from Still and a man walking towards it.

Modular interface presents complex data in a simple, tangible and aesthetic way.

In collaboration with STILL, Ergosign created a novel modular user interface for reporting, analysis and management of fleets. In this project, Ergosign was responsible for both UX design definition and technical implementation of the respective web application.

UX Design
User Validation

BriefIntuitive Visualization

Special requirements were posed by visualization and access to large data sets and the design of scalable and adaptable concepts for future innovations. As a result, the design paradigms had to be fully comprehensive to suit the application environment.

The focus was on simple and intuitive visualization of large data volumes together with a design adaptable to any current and future partial applications. Thereby, the user can quickly find their way in all partial applications of the software environment.

ApproachSearch filters and parameters smartly used

The software environment of Ergosign deftly combines the use of search filters and parameters with data visualization: Thus, data of the vehicles are displayed in bar charts after the search request is refined. This results in a layout presenting information in a neat and intuitive way on a variety of levels.

OutcomeSoftware Engineering with AngularJS

Once we completed the design, the software engineering team organized an implementation workshop early in 2015 to discuss and plan the project with STILL. The project delivery was defined as a web application using the AngularJS framework as a single page application (SPA). When the project was completed, a fast and user-friendly frontend application was delivered, whose architecture seamlessly fits STILL's requirements. The project did not only include the frontend development: At the same time as developing the frontend application, the team also proposed a concept for structuring the interfaces for the numerous app modules to connect to the backend. The proposed data structure ensures optimal data exchange between the backend and the frontend via the API. The team also created a comprehensive Components Library, specifying the STILL neXXt fleet's individual components, facilitating collaborative work and knowledge transfer.

About the clientSTILL GmbH - STILL neXXt fleet management

STILL has long been one of the leading suppliers of forklifts, wagons, and tractors, as well as advanced intra-logistics systems, and offers customized in-plant logistics solutions globally. STILL realizes intelligent interaction of forklifts and warehouse machinery, software and services

UI element of the Still neXXt fleet by Ergosign and the UX Design Award logo from 2017.
Simply Smart and various lines as the start screen of the video.
A warehouse with a Still forklift truck - a tablet is held in the picture, on which the STILL neXXt fleet management dashboard can be seen.

Hannes Musekamp, Principal UX Designer, Ergosign GmbHT

"STILL neXXt fleet displays complex data and relationships in a simple, tangible and aesthetic manner."

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