Shipment Tracking with Flutter: Modern app for Hamburg Süd

Red container ship of Hamburg Süd on the sea.

Ergosign realized the design adaptation of the Shipment App for mobile.

Develop a tracking app for all mobile operating systems based on an existing design? No problem!

We designed and developed a modern container tracking app for “Hamburg Süd” for Android and iOS smartphones.

UX Design

ApproachDesign-Adaption for Mobile

“Shipment tracking” is ubiquitous. That’s why it was obvious to Hamburg Süd to provide a suitable app for their container shipments. And to ensure app availability for all mobile operating systems. In terms of design, the app builds on the existing corporate design and draws on its web implementation. We adopted the clear design language, reduced views, and interaction concepts already familiar to the users. With these requirements, we decided to opt for a special framework in developing the “shipment tracking” app: Flutter.

ApproachDevelopment with Flutter

As we had already extensively tested the framework in our own xPark-App and our xDesk-Sharing-App, we were able to unreservedly recommend it for Hamburg Süd. Using Flutter allowed us to fulfil our customers’ desire for the development of native apps for iOS and Android smartphones without issue. In a world of global trading, the Hamburg Süd app and its design stand for transparency and stability.

OutcomeEasiest logistics

Shipping containers globally requires great logistical effort. So it’s all the more important for Hamburg Süd’s customers to always have a clear overview of the status of their shipments as well as future shipping routes. The shipment tracking app rises to this challenge with ease. It offers a distraction-free overview of the most important status information and is device-independent. This means it is available for unlimited mobile use. Whether a container’s status needs checking at the harbor, at a logistics center or by the shipper, the app provides reliable information.

About the clientHamburg Süd - “We deliver solutions”

Hamburg Süd is a strong brand in the international logistics services industry. As a container shipping company, it has a global reputation for quality, excellent customer service and personal contacts in 250 offices in more than 100 countries.

Source: Hamburg Süd

3 Smartphones with UI of the Track & Trace app, in the background a cargo port can be seen blurred.
Smartphone with UI of the Track & Trace app, a cargo port is blurred in the background.

Arne Eckhoff, Manager eCommerce, Hamburg Süd

"Developing the project in collaboration with Ergosign was a lot of fun. Their innovative and agile approaches combined with their technical expertise really impressed us. This meant we were able to fully concentrate on providing the data for the app."

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