Collaborative UX design for improved predictive maintenance

Airplane in the sky with predictive maintenance visualization using lines and circles.

Fleet optimization with Lufthansa Technik AG's AVIATAR platform.

Ergosign joined the Lufthansa Technik AG team to work on UX strategy and design and actively supported the workflow towards lean UX. The AVIATAR platform aims to make data for fleet optimization and predictive maintenance scenarios as usable as possible. Not just for their own fleet but also as a service for all airlines worldwide. AVIATAR can be configured to suit the individual customer and can be made up of apps to suit the fleet and its needs. Further development will take place with Ergosign.

UX Design

BriefEstablishing a new way of collaborating

AVIATAR is a very complex application that requires intense collaboration with aviation specialists. Ergosign had to integrate into the on-site team 100%. Establishing the new procedure with collaborative design and lean UX forms the foundations for efficiently implementing the AVIATAR vision. The management set the vision for the project – the autonomous teams were primarily responsible for the implementation. Lufthansa Technik and Ergosign established this new, collaborative and lean approach together. With a team that has internalized this way of working, it is now enthusiastically put into practice daily.

ApproachCollaborative & lean toward the goal

The initial ideas were generated using various creative methods and then realized in sprints as prototypes and MVPs (minimum viable products). The MVPs were tested and validated with customers and external colleagues. Implementation took part in cross-functional feature teams. Each team consists of product owners, developers, and designers, self-contained and able to work independently. The procedure and even the objectives were defined independently by each team. Lufthansa Technik's willingness to adapt to these new approaches was significant to the project's success.

OutcomeStronger together

Lufthansa Technik and Ergosign have been successfully working together for ten years. The involvement of Ergosign at the beginning of the project meant immense benefits for the overall user experience. Close collaboration on site with the various perspectives and skills of different team members was indispensable. Direct user feedback during the design process provided valuable input for the ongoing development.

About the clientLufthansa Technik AG

Based in Hamburg, Lufthansa Technik AG operates 50 sites worldwide and provides aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services. It is a subsidiary wholly owned by the parent company Deutsche Lufthansa AG. AVIATAR is not just a use case for internal applications within the Lufthansa Group, rather has been designed as an open platform available as a product to the whole aviation industry.

Verschiedene Screens der AVIATAR Plattform für Lufthansa Technik.

Johannes Hansen, Senior Director Application Development & User Experience AVIATAR Lufthansa Technik AG

“With AVIATAR, we wanted to go one step further and opted for radical user orientation. Together with Ergosign, we successfully introduced the collaborative UX process.”

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