Ergosign revised the user interface design for the “Perigon Mobile” app.

Woman in blue doctor's coat with stethoscope and smartphone in hand.

Perigon Mobile App - Innovative Mobile Design for Caregivers

The nursing staff and their workflow are in focus, and the app will support them optimally. Both the concept and visuals were redesigned to reflect the user needs and use contexts of nurses optimally. Using an Antetype prototype, we could validate the contact analysis knowledge. The UI was then developed by Ergosign and connected to the backend provided by root-service ag. In Switzerland, the app is used in over 10 million operations per year.

User Research
UX Design
UI Development

BriefOptimal support for work

It serves as a comprehensive helping tool for whole-day planning, including patient data and time recording. This helps the nursing staff to concentrate better on their patients. Structuring the digitalization of big, analog amounts of data - mostly handwritten - for use on mobile devices in a new working process was a clear challenge. The new design intends to build trust for the application and its intuitive usage through reliability and advanced functions. This enables an optimal integration into the users’ daily working routine and supports them in their tasks.

ApproachNursing staff in focus

Observations over several days and interviews with nursing staff during their challenging workday led to many practical insights, allowing for a user-oriented redesign of the application. Understandable visualizations ease overseeing important information. The handling is tailored to fulfill the users’ needs intuitively. The goal is to make relevant data, like contact and directions, medical patient data, and additional information, available as fast as possible. Through constant synchronization and personalized notifications, the app shows changes in the work plan made by the central office only to the affected nursing staff.

OutcomeTechnical innovation

The UI was developed using state-of-the-art Android technologies. Via Data Binding and the MVVM Architecture pattern through the use of the Android Architecture Components (AAC), the app is a technological innovation on the market. An efficient UI development was ensured by relying on the style guide and material design. The interface implementation to the backend system was then handled by root-service ag.

About the clientroot-service ag

The root-service ag realizes complete solutions for hardware, software, and networks. The focus lies on developing applications for mobile usage on smartphones and tablets. Together with Ergosign, the „Perigon-App“ was made more intuitive and user-friendly. The root-service AG implemented the data connecting the UIs to the existing backend.

Bike handlebars with smartphone and open root AG app.
Smartphone on a table with the root AG app open.

Patrik Bailer, CIO der Spitex Zürich Limmat AG

"Perigon Mobile is the core of technical nursing infrastructure."

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