Ergosign redesigns the "Signia" app with all target groups in mind

A woman subtly points to her Sivantos hearing aid.

Life sounds brilliant – Intuitive control of hearing aids via app

A smartphone app can control the Sivantos hearing aid. We were tasked with redesigning and expanding the concept of the Signia app. The project enabled us to undertake the complete design process, from the expert review of the existing design and concept ideas to testing the new app prototypes in A/B testing to completely redesigning the app, including its icons and animations.

User Research
UX Design

BriefSatisfying the target audience

People of all ages, young and old, wear hearing aids. The target group for our app is equally diverse. The design of our app was influenced by the needs of older users in many areas: intuitive controls with a high recognition factor, large buttons, only a few navigation tabs, and lots of whitespace. Our concept also reflects the needs of younger users: modern features, such as using the hearing aid to stream music.

ApproachThe app with a personal touch

One crucial concept and design element is the personal aspect of the app. In the beginning, the device must be professionally adjusted by a hearing care professional. The user can contact them via the app, chat, or video, so it is quite easy to make fine adjustments to the aid with a specialist.

OutcomePlenty of design elements

So much has gone into our design: during the project, we created over 365 art boards, 158 different screens, 180 icons, and almost 70 illustrations. We also arranged images and illustrations in two layers to make it easy to re-color them for Signia's different design worlds. Discover the app: it is available for download from the App Store and Google Playstore.

About the clientSignia — brand of the Sivantos group

Signia is a brand of the Sivantos group and one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers in the world. In over 25 countries, with over 6000 employees, the Sivantos group provides a comprehensive portfolio of technically outstanding hearing aids, including accessories, adaptation software, smartphone apps, and workflow solutions. Because what really counts are the individual hearing needs of the users.

Various UIs of the "Signia" app redesigned by Ergosign and 2 hearing aids from Sivantos next to it.
Smartphone with "Signia" app from Sivantos is being operated. A mixing console in the background.

Thomas Hemple, Product Manager Medical Apps, Sivantos Group

"Ergosign helped us make the final prototype from the existing templates, test and adjust it and design the result alongside production."

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