UI redesign in line with new corporate design

Dentist uses CEREC system on patient.

In the UI redesign, Ergosign makes the workflow for dentists even more natural.

The unique CEREC system enables dentists to prepare, design, and produce final restorations, such as crowns, in just one session. Patients are spared not only a temporary and a second appointment but also the unpleasant tray impression. Ergosign's task for the UI redesign was to make this process for dentists even more natural: Trackball and keyboard were to give way to intuitive touchscreen operation. The graphical user interface should be modern and fit seamlessly into Dentsply Sirona's new corporate design.

UX Design

BriefWeekly design sprints

Due to the new development of the hardware, numerous factors had to be considered during the project. Our project team planned the testing of the hardware prototypes at various stages of development with Dentsply Sirona to optimally harmonize the hardware with a redesign and gain valid insights into the operation of the software. Due to the change in operation from intensive keyboard and trackball use to a touch screen, the project also included conceptual changes and improvements. To gather enough feedback, the Ergosign design team worked in weekly design sprints in close coordination with Dentsply Sirona - requirements were estimated and prioritized with regard to their implementation and effort.

ApproachFocus on the user

Since the beginning of the project, end users such as dentists and technical experts have been an integral part of the project. Their feedback was collected at the earliest stage of the project – when testing the hardware. In addition, project participants with expert knowledge, e.g., in the field of dental technology, were also on board. Their expertise was valuable in finding metaphors: the entire interface benefited from their in-depth know-how. The agile project approach was lined up with a long-term release plan. Once per quarter, an on-site Jour Fixe took place with all project participants (design, development, customer) to discuss the current status, enabling the project partners to coordinate their activities in person.

OutcomeModern dentistry is digital.

However, digitalization added work steps that were not available at the time of conventional impressions. Thanks to CEREC's powerful artificial intelligence, many of these steps are automated and shorten the workflow significantly. Like CEREC, the interface design is unique. It combines photo-realistic 3D renderings of jaws and teeth with a user-friendly interface and a simplified navigation structure. We streamlined the overall design, the effects, and the animations to support a clear design language and focus on the most important: the relevant content on the work surface and the 3D models of the teeth and jaws. Thus, the new UI increases work efficiency for end users; these time savings also make the treatment more pleasant for the patient. Users and patients - benefit equally from the design. The scalable, cross-project design has been optimized for touch operation, another factor for improved operation.

CEREC system visualization and logo from Dentsply Sirona.
Dentsply Sirona logo
Dentist on the CEREC system, as well as redot Award 2019 Logo.

Dr. Alexander Völcker, Group Vice President Digital & Orthodontics Dentsply Sirona

RedDot Award Winner 2019: "This is an award for the excellent work and impressive creativity that our teams have put into the development of CEREC."

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