New UI optimizes resource utilization in public transit

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Redesign of the INIT Dispo-Center

The challenges, processes, and legal requirements in public transportation (ÖPNV) are extremely complex. To ensure passengers arrive at their destinations on time, a provider of telematics solutions like INIT is needed. The complexity of specific requirements is consolidated at INIT into a software that remains adaptable to various conditions and operational areas. Within the framework of the nextGen project, we designed the Dispo-Center. Positive user experience and ensuring optimal usability were of particular priority due to the complexity of the project.

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Interaction Design
Visual Design

BriefCompley services in intuitive UI

The INIT Dispo-Center is used for employee and service planning. The initial version of the software has been in existence for more than twenty years, continuously growing and evolving, accumulating many functions in the process. Ergosign's task in this project was to modernize the entire system, making it more intuitive and user-centered. Planning with the system should be clearer, simpler, and faster in the future.

ApproachTailor-made interaction design

We dove deep into the complex world of INIT and public transportation, establishing a close relationship with our client — enabling agile collaboration on an equal footing. After various workshops and intensive coordination with INIT, we created a comprehensive concept. Based on this, the entire UI concept and interaction design, as well as visual and icon design, were developed. We paid special attention to ensuring that the new software product could adapt to different legal, tariff, and operational requirements depending on the target market. Therefore, in the design, we focused on modular components that provide a coherent structure but can also be adjusted depending on the application case, without compromising intuitive usability or the functionality of the individual products.

OutcomeService quality and employee satisfaction

The result has already been presented at a user conference and tested by the target audience. The feedback was consistently positive: shorter click paths make work faster. Additionally, conflicts in planning can now be recognized and resolved more easily due to the clear design. The new UI and interaction design make the software easier and more intuitive to use, while remaining flexible for region-specific requirements such as rest times or charging times for e-mobility. The design now reflects exactly what INIT stands for: efficiency, innovation, and excellence. We at Ergosign are proud to have contributed to the mobility of tomorrow.

About the ClientINIT GmbH

Since its founding in 1983 in Karlsruhe, INIT has become the world leader in telematics solutions for public transit. 1100 transportation companies worldwide rely on INIT to effectively and efficiently handle highly complex tasks such as planning, dispatching, ticketing, and operations control. The aim is always to be the most innovative, reliable, and sustainable provider in our industry. With more than 30 branches and offices around the globe, INIT's software and hardware solutions are not only used in Hamburg and Graz but even in Turku, Seattle, and Hawaii.

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Eine grafische Darstellung des Dispo-Center.
Eine grafische Darstellung des Dispo-Center.

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