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One Use Case, One Minute — Self Services in a Nutshell.

A few years ago, Ergosign supported ATOSS in the modernization of their already established modular ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite. Users should be able to experience the added value of the new solution directly in their everyday work — without needing extensive training. Ergosign also supported the UX design for the new Staff Center to supplement the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite in the facilitation of self services.

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BriefATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite & Staff Center

ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite, this popular solution for digital workforce management was developed on an evolutionary basis - both in terms of its visual appearance and interaction regarding efficiency and intuitiveness. End users were intensively involved in the process as the added value offered by the next generation was to be felt in everyday work without the need for major training measures.

Ergosign also supported the UX design for the new Staff Center to supplement the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite in the facilitation of self services. Our team started with the concept, developing interaction as well as visual design and rounding the whole thing off with animations

ApproachSelf-Service for all

The Staff Center can be used for self service functions regardless of company size and industry. Our concept therefore had to cover countless use cases - from office settings to sales floors, hospitals and factories - all while being flexibly configurable to a multitude of customer scenarios. At the same time, the technological skills of Staff Center user groups can differ wildly: from digital natives to blue collar workers with relatively little pre-existing IT knowledge. This also had to be taken into account in the design.

OutcomeImplementation — iterative & collaborative

We used an iterative process to work through all use cases and user journeys together with ATOSS. Thanks to regular feedback and support in user interviews, prototypes were used to ensure that all requirements for modern self services were fulfilled. Mutual validation was used to contemplate hypotheses and design ideas from a functional and UX perspective. We paid close attention to clarity in the design. Visual feedback is used in a targeted manner to support employees. So, for example, clashing vacation requests are already visible at the time of request. This improves transparency and reduces the error rate. Ergosign delivered the design partially in the form of HTML/CSS components, whereby documentation was kept minimal and development at ATOSS was able to be ramped up. This approach has now become the standard in collaborations between Ergosign and ATOSS.

OutcomeMobile app for even more flexibility

The Staff Center mobile application has also recently begun to provide even more flexibility. The desktop application’s comprehensive range of functions should also be available via the app. To this end, the design was also adapted for mobile use. The app means that the ATOSS Staff Center can be easily used anywhere, at any time.

About the clientATOSS Software AG

ATOSS Software AG offers consulting, software and services for professional workforce management and needs-optimized staffing. Whether you’re looking for classic time management, self services, mobile apps, detailed staffing needs assessments or high-level staffing and strategic capacity planning, ATOSS has the right solution. In the cloud or on-premises.

Split screen with Ergosign UI for Atoss and a clock with a man holding a smartphone in the background.
Ergosign UI for Atoss Software.

Dr. Boris Baginski, Director Technology, ATOSS Software AG

"This collaboration with Ergosign is a real win for us - we not only built a really great UI together, but also learned a lot!"

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