Transparent UI design for the rotary pallet store

Man operates Grob round pallet storage system

Outstanding UX for optimal interaction between man & machine

For GROB, we have designed a user interface that optimally supports both skilled and unskilled workers. A conscious design choice in the development of the system enables transparency toward the machine's status at all times. Via the master computer, the skilled worker can automatically initiate transport orders and suggest a work sequence for unskilled workers. Employees can take over control and manually intervene at any time - which leads to a high level of user acceptance.

UX Design
Style Guide

BriefThe perfect interaction between humans & a machine

The new pallet round storage system's versatility calls for a rethinking of the involved workers. The complexity increases as a significant number of different pallets circulate simultaneously. Besides, an increased number of "unmanned" tasks are taken over by machines. Therefore, the connection between man and machine must be optimally interplayed, which can only be ensured by comprehensive user experience.

ApproachAnalysis & prototyping

Context interviews led to knowledge and a deep understanding of the users and usage context. Ergosign then translated this knowledge into the wireframes of the initial concept. Through validation of the UI prototype, the design was defined in detail and transferred into a style guide, creating the basis for implementing further applications.

OutcomeClear & focused

Straightforward design focused on the essentials supported with modern animations, and direct touch interaction ensures staff can do their tasks efficiently with joy and without extensive training.

About the clientGROB Group

GROB is a family business employing more than 5,200 employees worldwide. The production plant manufactures state-of-the-art equipment for the mechanical engineering and automotive industry. Opting for high innovativeness and quality, GROB is a pioneer of Industry 4.0 in Germany.

Illustration of Grob's round pallet store and Ergosign's UI.
Circle in blue and gray on white
UIs from Ergosign for Grob's round pallet storage system.

Michael Keidler, Project Manager, GROB Group

"By working together with Ergosign, we have managed to create a fantastic user experience for operating our pallet storage system."

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