UX maturity and organizational development for genua

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Where do we actually stand in our UX maturity?

A convincing experience makes all the difference – for customers and employees. That's why genua wanted to learn about the company's UX maturity. With over 350 employees, genua GmbH develops and produces IT security solutions in Germany. Together with Ergosign, genua set the course for an individual strategy for a human-centered organization in an initial assessment.

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BriefUX maturity and organizational development

Successful digital products and services come from human-centered organizations. Our assessment with a UX maturity classification provided genua with insights into the human-centeredness of the organization and gave initial recommendations for the company's further development. The project's goal was to provide genua with a sound decision-making basis for formulating a UX maturity target and to create purposeful measures for its fulfillment along a realistic timeline. The first challenge here is determining genua's current maturity. A UX maturity model provides a framework for evaluating a company's UX-related strengths and weaknesses.

ApproachAssessment & synthesis

Workshops were held with various stakeholders to sharpen mutual understanding of the project objective and to clarify the framework conditions. Subsequently, the actual assessment was carried out with a specially developed questionnaire whose quantitative results were validated and enriched by qualitative interviews with identified roles. A joint workshop allowed for deriving insights and opportunity areas from the condensed results.

OutcomeFrom opportunities to roadmap

Together, we prioritized the identified opportunity areas, derived measures and created a roadmap. This roadmap contains the first process building blocks for developing a human-centered organization with the corresponding targeted maturity level. The comprehensive assessment report compiled the findings as user insights with associated opportunities linked with concrete measures for change. Our outside viewpoint on organizations brings new perspectives. Ergosign's goal is to initiate the change process from within the company and, where preferred, to accompany it. genua took the first important step toward higher UX Maturity.

About the clientgenua GmbH

As a company of the Bundesdruckerei Group, genua GmbH is an enabler of digital transformation, securing sensitive IT networks in the public and enterprise sectors, at KRITIS (= critical infrastructure) organizations, and in the classified industry with highly secure and scalable cybersecurity solutions. genua GmbH focuses on comprehensive protection of networks, communications, and internal network security for IT and OT. The range of solutions includes firewalls and gateways, VPN, remote maintenance systems, internal network security, and cloud security, and even remote access solutions for mobile employees and home offices.

Schematic visualization of our UX Maturity Assessment approach at Ergosign.
Schematic visualization of our UX Maturity Assessment approach at Ergosign.
Insights Report for genua by Ergosign.

Sebastian Lilienthal, Group Leader Requirements, Evaluation and User Experience, genua GmbH

"Through intensive and efficient workshops, we were not only able to determine our UX maturity but also quickly identify fields in which we can still grow when it comes to UX. Here we were supported in a pleasantly constructive and creative way in the development of measures."

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