FichtelApp — Your digital Companion for the Fichtel Mountains

Golly, what a clever app!

The Fichtelgebirge for your pocket with a guaranteed fun factor. The FichtelApp, one of the central projects of the smart city model project of the district of Wunsiedel in the Fichtelgebirge, is available. The app aims to provide up-to-date and tailor-made information - without neglecting to have fun. And it doesn't matter whether you live in the Fichtelgebirge or are planning your next vacation.

The fact that the FichtelApp inspires far beyond the Fichtelgebirge was proven at the awards ceremony of the Deutschen Preises für Onlinekommunikation DPOK (German Prize for Online Communication) — the FichtelApp won in two categories: "Leisure and Tourism" and "Digital Publishing".

Additionally, the app received a RedDot Award in “Brands and Communication Design” in November 2023. followed by a German Design Award in the “Excellent Communications Design — Apps”.

Visual Design
UX Design

Facts and Dates

The app connects 17 municipalities,

13 nature reserves,

over 70.000 residents

and 15 million tourists per year.

BriefA sense of belonging thanks to an app

The FichtelApp is now a digital reflection of the region, encouraging exchange, networking, further development, and participation in the Fichtelgebirge across generations. Now the go-to place for information and regional offers, the app strengthens the sense of belonging; inspires and stimulates local doers as well as the local economy. As so often, the challenge was to consolidate the ideas of different stakeholders. From the large content portfolio, we wanted to develop a captivating app that combines functionality and design.

ApproachCollaboration all the way

A public participation project in the district of Wunsiedel led to the idea of this app. It was, therefore, crucial to involve the future local users right from the start. We created a pool of users for different types of testing, such as diary studies and hallway testing. Feedback was thus able to flow into the iterations early and steadily. As an agile project, regular sprint dates and the collaboration with the customer via Miro and Figma led to a particularly impressive app, not least because of the illustrations and animations.

OutcomeApp development with flutter

We chose Flutter for the technical implementation of the FichtelApp. Flutter enables the development of native, cross-platform applications from a single code, significantly accelerating time to market. Because less code also means fewer tests and fewer bugs.

Due to the high development speed and responsiveness of Flutter, we could present features to the customer early on and collect valuable feedback for further development.

OutcomeSupport for Doers

In addition to drafting the strategy and the visual design, including icons and illustrations, we also took on the backend and the commissioning of the app. With the Fichtel App, we have created a tool that is also popular beyond the borders of the Fichtelgebirge. The app has closed a gap in the market that now connects, supports, and inspires residents, doers, decision-makers, and tourists.

Download the App and visit the Fichtel Mountains!

FlutterMultiplattform App Development

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Smartphone mockup with screen of Fichtel app from an illustrated nature background.
2 Smartphone Mockups mit Screen der Fichtel App von einem illustrierten Naturhintergrund
Smartphone Mockup mit Screen der Fichtel App von einem illustrierten Naturhintergrund.

About the clientLandkreis Wunsiedel

In recent years, the district of Wunsiedel has aimed to improve the quality of life, housing, and work in all 17 municipalities. Various measures, such as #freiraumfürmacher (= space for doers), created a new regional awareness, reaching far beyond the borders of the Fichtelgebirge. In the "Smart Cities Model Projects" competition of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community, the district of Wunsiedel in the Fichtelgebirge was selected by the expert jury in the category "Inter-municipal cooperation projects and districts“. Following this win, the population wished for an app to further promote the positive spirit and development in the area.

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