Smart Homes: UX Design for a connected world

A modern apartment building in the evening.

Ergosign guides KNX through the transformation.

Smart homes” are no longer just about using an app to turn on a light. The aim is to integrate all devices with one another and with central controls. At home or in public buildings – our surroundings should support us as intelligently as possible. Smart home technology and building solutions facilitate more efficient energy management and guarantee a new level of security. Convenient, simple control via a smartphone or local operating panels are topics being tackled by UX designers throughout this transformation process.

We are particularly proud to have been working with KNX for more than 10 years and to be their guide through a variety of human-centered design projects.

UX Design
Visual Design

About the clientKNX Association — solutions for intelligent home and building technology

KNX Association is a globally recognized standard for house and building system technology. Standardized software tools facilitate central control and smart interactions between all devices, regardless of manufacturer – from lighting to security systems and energy management to the maintenance and remote control of all functions. Solved through separate control functions and energy distribution.

BriefDive-in, understand, focus - then design

This is our approach in all of our projects. Even though each project comes with different challenges, one thing remains the same: we want to dive in, understand and focus. It’s about understanding the context surrounding a solution design – the user, the customer and the environment. Constant validation throughout the course of the project allows us to learn what works and what is sustainable. This way, we can bring digital services to the next experience level.The challenges of KNX projects are diverse, and require various service skills. We’d like to provide three projects as examples.

OutcomeeCampus - learning, worldwide

KNX eCampus is a user-oriented, web-based learning management system for the KNX Association. Globally, more than 40,000 installation firms in 125 countries and more than 100 universities as well as 300 certified training centers are members of the KNX Association. The learning platform offers an introduction to the KNX system bus and the implementation of KNX configuration ETS.

Ergosign has been responsible for the project’s conception and implementation. From collating didactically founded content based on scripts, and the production of screencasts and multimedia sequences to the development of a comprehensive interactive ETS simulation. Our focus has always been on human-centered implementation. Interactive prototypes facilitate rapid feedback on design questions as well as the evaluation of our concepts. We use Antetype a prototyping tool.

OutcomeMyKNX - where the community comes together

From the manufacturer to end users – everyone comes together on the web-based MyKNX platform. The platform is an online shop as well as a training and support center. Based on the CI design, we redesigned the platform’s look & feel with improved usability and also included responsive web design. Training sessions, licenses and more services are now also available on the go.

OutcomeETS6 – brings everthing together intelligently

ETS6 stands for the sixth generation of “Engineering Tool Software”. As an important software building block, ETS6 lets electrical installers and system integrators control smart blinds, heating systems, lights and more to their specifications. In collaborative workshops with users, we developed new ideas as a starting point for new conceptual and visual software design. For example, initiation was made easier through a more customer-friendly licensing process and a new overview page.

Start page for logging in to MyKNX.
UI Element of myKNX.

Heinz Lux, CEO & Spokesman, KNX Association

For long-term success, we need to develop our tools and services holistically from a user perspective. We are happy to have Ergosign as a professional partner for UX and CX design for more than a decade.

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