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Alfred H. Schütte GmbH & Co. KG – concept and redesign of an HMI

Working in close cooperation with Schütte, Ergosign designed and developed the UI for the new multi-spindle machine - SI 7-20 (the Sprinter). Using several tools at the same time, the machine is able to process an item extremely precisely and in parallel. The new design thus meets the highest standards for operator ergonomics and esthetics, while at the same time underlining the progressive character of the new machine.

"With Ergosign we worked together competently and in a pleasant atmosphere. By combining our expertise with design skills, our teams were able to complement each other perfectly. In addition, the use of modern tools enabled us to track the project progress in an extremely transparent manner."

Christian Ferring

Christian Ferring

Gruppenleiter Softwareentwicklung
Alfred H. Schütte GmbH & Co. KG


The UI comprises a variety of complex controls. In order to ensure free combination for Schütte, the design of each control had to be kept as generic as possible and to contain all necessary parameters, such as distances. An application framework was designed in a dark UI style that on the one hand makes it easy to identify errors, while on the other hand directing users to the content section. There are a number of different layout grids available for the structure of the content section. Industry-standard ISO symbols are used to visualize the machine status and to make it easy to find functions.


The design system with modular custom controls can be flexibly combined into screens and gives Schütte a maximum of freedom within the machine’s functional range. The design was developed specifically for the HMI and optimized for touchscreen operation. A shortcut system with predefined, known shortcuts makes highly effective machine control possible for experienced users.

Schütte Dashboard


The complexity of the multi-spindle machine posed several challenges in terms of design and technical implementation. WPF was used for the technical implementation, from extensive chart controls to high-performance spindle visualization in real time. The close coordination between design, development and Schütte was essential for this and was supported by the use of collaborative tools such as GitLab. Schütte was trained in WPF by our experts in order to be able to efficiently handle the system and for quality assurance after project completion.


Alfred H. Schütte GmbH & Co. KG based in Cologne is a long-established company and a global leader in the manufacturing of tool machines. With over 135 years of history, the company is characterized by its qualified staff and their profound dedication to quality. Their experience and commitment to progress means that the newest technology are used. This is further underlined by the new UI of the Sprinter.

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