HMI redesign of thermoforming packaging machine

Man in smock provide HMI of Multivac packaging machine.

Transparent and consistent HMI design for packaging machines.

Optimal product packaging is essential for a high-quality product. Together with MULTIVAC, we defined the cornerstones for the redesign of the new HMI3.

UX Design
Frontend development
Angular UI Components library

BriefTransparent and intuitive

The core idea of a transparent, proactive UI that assists the user with step-by-step hints and that can be operated using intuitive, easy-to-understand navigation was the overall vision. The initial concept was then adapted for further machines based on this. Recognition and orientation towards standards played an important role. The inclusion of multitouch capability in the new hardware should also be reflected by gestures used to operate it, in order to simplify working with the packaging machines.

ApproachConsistency for all

The project began in 2015 with the HMI redesign of the thermoformed packaging machines. In close consultation with MULTIVAC, personas and scenarios were defined and validated through a conceptual analysis in order to understand operators and their work on the machine. We were therefore able to develop a well-founded concept. Maintaining a consistent concept across all product groups and fulfilling special requirements was a significant challenge. In design sprints and with the help of collaborative design methods such as problem statements, scenarios and a design studio, larger thematic areas were developed with the project teams in a structured and user-centered way.

OutcomeOptimized workflow

The concept and visual design were gradually expanded to further product groups to cover all machine types. Decisions and rules were set out in the style guide. The constant ongoing collaboration in the form of a design support also comprised the design of tailored icons. The project teams were able to work together efficiently and transparently with a good structure and with the help of kanban boards. The constant optimization of the workflow was ensured by regular jour-fix meetings, quarterly meetings and retrospectives. A set UX contact at MULTIVAC took collaboration to a new level, acting as a quick interface to Ergosign.

About the clientMultivac

MULTIVAC is one of the world's leading manufacturers of packaging solutions for all types of food, life science and healthcare products as well as industrial goods. The portfolio includes various packaging technologies as well as automation solutions, labelling and quality control systems. The machines are sold worldwide and are designed to meet customers’ individual needs. Modern technology and designs guarantee tailored packaging solutions and product protection with maximum customer orientation for an optimal consumer experience.

Ergosign HMI redesign of thermoforming packaging machine with a photo of the machine in background.
Ergosign HMI redesign of thermoforming packaging machine
Man in smock offers HMI of Multivac packaging machine RX 4.0.

Julian Sauter, UX Designer, MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG

"Together with Ergosign, we have managed to make the operation of our machine controls even more intuitive and modern. So we can lead our HMI into the next generation."

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