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Direct approach for end customers in online sales for the LV 1871.

LV 1871 – My LV 1871 & Death Grant Calculator

Customers should be able to take out life insurance policies from LV 1871 online.
To this end, we developed the concept for a digital interface between LV 1871 and the end customer during an agile collaboration. A major component was to be a tariff calculator, which the end consumer can use to make calculations online. This can be operated using a standard desktop or mobile devices. The contract process for future products can also be adapted and transparently managed around the clock by the end customer within a personal portal.

"Ergosign is an outstanding cooperation partner, who has been supporting us competently and flexibly with their knowledge during our entire UX process for many years."

Stefan Feickert

Stefan Feickert

Project Manager, Application Sales Department
Lebensversicherung von 1871 a. G. München


For many end customers, taking out an insurance is an inevitable but mostly not desirable evil. This means that designing an easy, comprehensible and fast accounting process is all the more important. During the project 'Online Death Grant Calculator', our user research initially focused on older users to fully meet their requirements concerning a simple accounting process.
During the project "My LV 1871", which started at the same time, we devised a customer portal which enables the customer to efficiently and easily manage their insurance contracts.
When it came to visual design of the online death grant calculator, we made sure that the existing Look and Feel as well as the CI of LV 1871 was retained and meaningfully complemented by innovative additions which enable the customers to correctly configure the products in a playful way.


Using interactive UI prototypes, the hypotheses and design ideas created as part of the UX design were tested with various user groups (personas). These analyses were regularly held together with the customer in the company’s own usability lab.
An interactive slide control was added to the website for live calculations of the death grant calculator, allowing the initial step towards taking out a policy to become more playful. This also acts as a compelling call to action.
After the conclusion, the contract is processed by a machine (black box processing). As a part of "My LV 1871", customers receive direct login data for the customer portal, where they can administrate their data and contracts at any time, make a claim and check the respective processing status. The design of all systems is responsive.

UI for LV 1871 by Ergosign

Fully digital contract management

As contracts are proactively concluded online and the tariff calculator can be used to work out contributions, LV 1871’s advising workload has decreased. Users are guided through the advisory process step-by-step. The process is extremely flexible to meet different needs of users.
Thanks to transparency in contract administration via "My LV 1871", processing and bureaucracy have become more efficient both for the users and LV 1871.

About LV 1871

Lebensversicherung von 1871 a. G. München specializes in income protection, life and pension insurance. As a mutual insurance company, it is highly bound to the interests of its customers, who are advised by independent insurance brokers.

UI for LV 1871 by Ergosign

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