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Efficient app development for all devices - iOS or Android, desktop or smartphone - needs the right technology. For high-performance apps with an outstanding UX, we rely on Flutter. Flutter is an open source framework from Google for building natively compiled, cross-platform apps on a single code base that delight with their outstanding UX. We ensure a consistent user interface and logic regardless of the platform with only a one-time development effort.

That means mobile development with Flutter is usually more efficient than native development, shortening development time while maintaining high complexity and the best UX. Bring your product to market faster and collect real market feedback early on.

App development that makes happy.
The advantages of Flutter are obvious:

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Accelerated development

thanks to cross-platform deployment on multiple devices from a single code base.

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Great experience

for users and developers with native performance and real-time changes.

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Excellent performance

Flutter code ensures fast performance on mobile, web, desktop and embedded devices.

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Dorian Bauer

Dorian Bauer

Principal UX Software Engineer & Technology Lead Flutter

Faster app development and full layout control

In order to integrate new functions quickly and easily, the right technology is needed. A widget-based implementation with Flutter is ideally suited for this. Flutter’s Hot Reload feature makes it possible to see changes in real time. This accelerates the creation of user interfaces because you can skip time-consuming steps. Hot Reloading also helps with faster troubleshooting.

Benefit from reduced development time through increased efficiency with Flutter.

Best performance for all user interfaces

Flutter’s performance is indistinguishable from native apps and also has the look and feel of a native application. Complex user interfaces can be achieved with nesting widgets – and complete custom UIs can also be implemented with pixel precision for each platform.

Motion design is an elementary aspect of apps that inspires with amazing user experiences. Animations are easy to integrate into Flutter and run very efficiently. We’ve specifically brought these Flutter advantages to bear in the FichtelApp project for the district of Wunsiedel in the Fichtelgebirge.

Discover the FichtelApp

More efficient app testing

Flutter not only saves time when writing code and compiling data, but also reduces testing effort. Thanks to automated tests that only have to be written once, the quality assurance process is faster and more efficient. Google also provides suitable tools for testing the user interface.

Screens of the xCollect App on Smartphone and Tablet

Cross-platform with no compromises

Previous cross-platform approaches mostly failed because of excessive compromises in UX and performance – or required high shares of platform-specific code (up to 50%). That has changed with Flutter. Our experience shows that almost 99% of the code base can be used for Android and iOS without any special effort. Only extremely specific aspects are required on an individual basis per platform. Because you use your own widgets, which are supplied directly by the app, your app is not directly affected by updates to the target platform. That also means less maintenance.

Open source ecosystem with a great community

Developed by Google, open to everyone. Flutter has quickly established itself in the developer community thanks to the open-source model. Hundreds of packages provided by the community extend Flutter’s feature set. And as if that’s not enough, Flutter offers an interface for native implementation of functionalities. The technology is also really fun for the developers thanks to the great documentation and friendly community.

Your app with a uniform look & feel

Develop a tracking app for all mobile operating systems based on an existing design? No problem! We developed a modern app for container tracking with Flutter for our customer Hamburg Süd. The existing design language was adapted for the app, familiar interaction concepts were adopted and views were reduced. By using Flutter, we were able to easily meet our customer’s request for a native app for iOS and Android smartphones.

More about the project for Hamburg Süd
Hamburg Sued App Screens
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