Ergosign designs HMI for accurate contrast injection

Female doctor caring for a patient during contrast injection.

Full control and accuracy when injecting contrast fluid

Like everything in the medical field, the injection of contrast fluids must be carefully planned and prepared individually for each patient. MEDTRON AG is one of the world's leading manufacturers of contrast fluid injectors and consumables. Ergosign visually designed the HMI for the ACCUTRON® CT-D VISION for contrast medium injection. These devices ensure an exact drug injection with the perfect dose — at the desired time during the computer tomography.

UX Design
Visual Design

BriefHMI in Light and Dark

MEDTRON wanted a human-machine interface in light and dark mode to support medical staff when injecting contrast media perfectly and to make the patient's status visible at a glance. The HMI should be intuitive to use - for procedures that take place both with light and with dimmed lighting. During the process of design exploration and later specification, we worked closely with MEDTRON AG to adhere to the specified requirements, standards, and guidelines for medical devices.

ApproachSafety first

After an initial context analysis, we focused on developing wireframes. Within the short timeframe of the project, we were able to significantly optimize the software's usability while maintaining high security standards. Following successful coordination with the client, the design was further refined in a prototyping tool and validated with end users. Ultimately, the close and ongoing collaboration facilitated an efficient handover to the MEDTRON developers for the implementation of our design concepts.

OutcomeHMI with validity

One of the objectives of the MEDTRON development team is to achieve optimal user-friendliness, supporting the best possible diagnostics. This is exactly what the HMI of ACCUTRON® CT-D VISION now reflects. The HMI is structured clearly, allowing users to quickly grasp the essential elements and status at a glance. Thanks to our human-centered development approach, the HMI is easy and intuitive to operate, with the Dark Theme design particularly standing out for its meaningful impact.

About the clientMEDTRON AG

MEDTRON AG is a leading international manufacturer of the most modern contrast medium injectors and consumables. Almost all medical imaging systems, such as computer tomography, angiography, and magnetic resonance imaging, can be complemented by the MEDTRON injector systems. Thousands of doctors and diagnostic facilities worldwide rely on these innovative, high-quality contrast medium injectors.

Ergosign HMI for the ACCUTRON® CT-D VISION contrast medium injector.
Doctor attending to a patient during a contrast medium injection.
Ergosign HMI for the ACCUTRON® C contrast medium injector.

Birte Cordes, Product Manager, MEDTRON AG

"Ergosign swiftly and excellently implemented our requests. We were extremely satisfied with the close and collaborative partnership. With the help of Ergosign, our HMI has become even more user-friendly and intuitive."

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