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Digital Experience Platform for the Energy Allrounder.

Yippie has a broad range of sustainable energy services in its portfolio, including electricity, gas, electric mobility, and a multifaceted webshop. These services need to be presented consistently and user-friendly across all touchpoints, and users should be able to manage all services with just one login. Ergosign has designed and implemented a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that ensures a perfect omni-channel experience at all touchpoints. Thanks to a headless CMS, the product portfolio is flexible to manage and easy to scale. In doing so, we not only have the customer experience in mind, but also the employee experience.

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What does DXP mean in practice?

A DXP consists of many specialized tools for creating, managing, and delivering individual digital customer experiences. For an excellent experience, everything must work together seamlessly - whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop. In doing so, we focus not only on the customer experience but also on the employee experience. At Yippie, this means that customers can bundle various services such as electricity, gas, and electromobility while enjoying discounts and purchasing everything from headphones to lawnmowers through the Yippie shop. This way, Yippie can attract new customers for its energy services through webshop bargains and increase sales with existing customers through upselling.  


Yippie and users in focus

Yippie has recognized early on that the future is digital and that the digital experience is almost as important as the service itself. With this project's result, both customers and Yippie employees benefit from a perfectly coordinated user experience. The central component of Yippie's DXP is Scrivito, a headless CMS. This allows content to be managed and published centrally via API, regardless of the actual output medium. To meet the requirements, the CMS for products and services is fully adaptable, which leads to faster time-to-market for products — a clear advantage over the competition.

Technical Outcome

Digitalization is the way

Our cooperation with Yippie was very collaborative, following the waterfall principle initially and then becoming increasingly agile. Workshops, project management syncs, and sprint appointments characterized the interdisciplinary and cross-location work within the team and with the customer. The result is an all-inclusive package for Yippie. In addition to creating imagery, design language, and a style guide, we implemented Scrivito as headless CMS, while we chose AWS for cloud hosting, identity, and account management. A comprehensive competition analysis, ideation, and roadmap workshops naturally preceded the service design. The end product, an omni-channel digital presence, is modern, future-proof, and flexible, equally tailored to users and customers.

Practical Outcome

All-in-one experience

The new online shop plays a unique role here. The shop feels authentic to the website, tailored precisely to the target group, and authentic to the brand: hip, digital, and sustainable. The shop offers a large selection of products from start-ups and established brands - all in the name of sustainability. The shop's design creates value for existing customers through offers and discounts on household products, from insect hotels to smart home technology and eco-friendly period products. Conversely, Yippie can gain new customers in the right target group through the shop offers.

About the client

Yippie GmbH

Yippie provides sustainable electricity and gas Germany-wide with a holistic, digital-first service approach. This means customers can handle everything from green electricity, gas and electromobility to ordering a solar panel for their energy production through Yippie. A wholesome, sustainable digital ecosystem is the provider's vision, which, thanks to the innovative DXP, can now also set new standards in the area of customer experience.

Yippie Website

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