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Simply. Always. There. – Relaunch of the Rheinbahn AG website

The Rheinbahn AG website is the most important contact point for information about local public transport in and around Düsseldorf. Ergosign was commissioned with the new concept, the technical and design relaunch of the website, and its go-live. The goal: providing users with modern, fast, and uncomplicated access to all necessary services and information while promoting human-centered digitalization. Rheinbahn's website and other digital services were to be developed into a cross-platform ecosystem and should receive an upgrade to a new, improved, and secure technological standard.

UX Design
Visual Design

BriefDynamic instead of static - DXP

Rheinbahn is a driving force for the entire region, but climate-friendly transport needs a user-friendly approach. Instead of a static CMS system, a new technological foundation with omni-channel technology has been implemented. As a central intersection, all systems and channels of Rheinbahn are bundled through the CMS, allowing for the provision of suitable, individual content with added value. A digital experience platform, or DXP, offers optimal and personalized customer experiences at all touchpoints.

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ApproachIncreased brand recognition through a design system

Our services included everything from strategy, technical conception, UX and visual design, the development of the frontend and backend, as well as hosting. Ergosign provides ongoing support beyond the go-live. Brand values and corporate design were the basis for the new visual design, featuring new icons and illustrations. These support the accessibility of the site, making things even easier to find and understand. The basis is a significantly reduced and intuitive user interface managed through a headless CMS, which means that cross-platform and personalized content can now be released through the central new content hub. The overarching design system ensures consistent brand representation across all channels.

OutcomeModern web presence with high-quality UX

The result of this project is a well-structured website in the form of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that impresses with a clear user flow and high-quality UX across all touchpoints. Thanks to the lightweight CMS Scrivito, the site can adapt quickly and easily, thus always dynamically meeting the requirements of Rheinbahn and their users. Developing the design system led to an improvement of internal processes in content production and content management, pleasing editors as well as saving time and money. As a central point of contact, the website offers access to all existing sub-systems and content of, from online subscriptions to the job portal. The new technical basis is future-proof, allowing for more integrated tools and applications to remain flexible to changing customer needs — the foundation for a far-reaching DXP strategy. With many innovative functions, the new website is a travel advisor and ticket expert in one – a must-have for everyone who travels by bus and train.

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Mockup from 3 smartphones with UIs of the Rheinbahn website.
Mockup of a laptop and a tablet with the responsive website for Rheinbahn by Ergosign.

About the clientRheinbahn AG

Rheinbahn AG is a modern service provider for local public transport in Düsseldorf, in the district of Mettmann, and other municipalities. As one of Germany's five largest transport service providers, Rheinbahn transports around 745,000 customers to work and in their free time every day.

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