How does the chocolate actually get into the packaging?

Chocolate coming out of a machine

LoeschPack - HMI Design for the packaging machine LTM-DUO

Chocolate, candies, and sweets, who doesn't like them? But have you ever thought about how these goods actually end up in their beautiful and often filigree packaging? Enter LoeschPack. LoeschPack is a leader in developing and producing packaging machines for confectionery, food and non-food items. We designed the HMI (Human Machine Interface) for the innovative "LTM-DUO" machine from LoeschPack.

Concept UX Design UI Components User Journey

Multifunctional HMI for international users

The goal was to develop an easy-to-understand, multifunctional, and thus globally functioning HMI that can operate worldwide, just like the associated machines. The highly complex, machine-internal processes should be visualized, easy to understand for operators, and programmable for mechanics and service technicians. Problems and failures must be alerted to clearly while showing the next steps to solve the problem. Safety and efficiency were the goals of the concept and design. A modern Look & Feel combined with an ergonomic interaction pattern support the user-centric focus of our solution. The machine can thus be monitored and controlled precisely and effectively at all times.


Site-Visits, User Interviews and collaboration

The involvement of the users was essential for the conception. Before we started designing, we conducted a detailed analysis with user interviews and job shadowing. The design and the illustration design of the HMI are based on the corporate identity of LoeschPack, and it was extensively tested in a high-fidelity prototype with Antetype. Demo sessions brought additional feedback. We worked closely with the LoeschPack developers, exchanged experiences in regular feedback sessions, and integrated the input of the LoeschPack team into the solution, which was finalized with VisiWin.


Less downtime and waste for higher profits

Innovation, technology, and quality: the LTM-DUO's HMI now reflects the corporate identity and values ​​of LoeschPack. This HMI can be operated intuitively across different user backgrounds and contributes to a smooth, low-loss packaging process. LoeschPack systems and machines are in use worldwide. With the "LTM-DUO" machine in use since Q3/2022, the HMI has resulted in less wastage and downtime and fewer operator errors, resulting in a higher profit margin for the respective company.

About the client


LoeschPack is an international leader in the development, manufacture, and full service of packaging machines and complete packaging systems, especially for chewing gum, chocolate and long-life baked goods. As a forward-thinking company, LoeschPack offers CO₂-neutral packaging machines and focuses on the consistent reduction of material consumption and the technical optimization of the machines for biodegradable films. LoeschPack belongs to the family-run Piepenbrock group and thus has a solid foundation for long-term, sustainable management, and exceptional customer relationships.

Fabian Petri, Lead Software Engineer, Loesch Verpackungstechnik GmbH

"In contrast to the management-centric HMIs of our market competitors, it was clear to us from the start that our HMI should be designed precisely for the people who use the machine daily. Ergosign designed the project to be user-centric and exactly according to our ideas; the icing on the cake was the nomination at the UX Design Awards."

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