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Two women advertise for on-call medical service.

Quick help in an emergency - with just a few clicks.

The 116117 emergency app allows patients to quickly find medical support on their mobile or stationary devices, especially outside practice opening hours. Each Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV) can list their regional services, so self-service should relieve pressure on the 116117 emergency number. We used a context analysis for the app to develop various personas for the conception and designed a self-explanatory user interface. The UX design was defined in a style guide for technical implementation by GmbH.

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Fast help in an emergency

To gather knowledge about the target group and create personas, we carried out conceptual interviews with patients of the out-of-hours practices. This meant we learned a lot about user behavior in an emergency. We also visited an out-of-hours service call center to understand all stakeholders. Time proved to be the most important factor. The most significant requirements of the interaction concept were to get to the closest relevant practice quickly and to facilitate telephone help at all times. First and foremost, supra-regional service and the requirements of the state KVs had to be taken into consideration.


Diversity in standard

Ergosign was brought into the project as an expert partner in the conception and design of the 116117 app. Finding a “concept standard” that worked for each state KV and at a nationwide level while upholding all regulations was a real challenge. Then there were technical requirements and the need to achieve a suitable balance between overarching and regional needs. Lots of individual requirements had to be considered and managed.



We initially developed a click dummy based on a wireframe to interact with the app’s functions. In just a few clicks, the user receives a list of results with out-of-hours practices, their opening times, along with further details and the option of showing the fastest route by car and public transport. Additional help is available via telephone at any time. The start screen shows all emergency hotlines and direct contact for the 112 ambulance service. In non-urgent cases, users can access a state doctor search and view opening times.

Download the 116117 app and use the patient service at any time! (German only)

About the client GmbH GmbH is a subsidiary of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV). It takes care of the expansion, operation, and propagation of the KV’s own communication services, KV-Connect and KV Digital. Applications include an electronic doctor’s note, billing, and digital communication of lab data that can be exchanged directly from the software system.

Ingo Peine, Lead UX Designer & Team Manager, Ergosign Berlin

"A textbook UCD project! We were able to work through the process by the book. The support from our contact was great! The fact that we were involved in the project early on was very helpful"

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