OperateWe support our clients operatively to run their digital offering.

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DevOps - smooth operations

At Ergosign, we intertwine strategy, design, agile software development, and IT operations. Automation and the use of modern tools within our development process (Continuous Integration) support the smooth delivery of new software versions even during operation (Continuous Delivery).

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We're that type of friend you can ask anything technology.

The choice of the right technologies needs to be well considered and can be a critical factor for the success of your project. With comprehensive consulting, we guide you through the jungle of different technologies - whether selecting of a headless CMS that integrates optimally with your IT infrastructure or decisions in terms of a scalable system architecture. Set the course for your digital services. We accompany you continuously throughout the entire process.

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Stay connected to your customers.

To fuel your metrics and to measure your effort’s success, we collect the data your customers leave with their interactions behind. If you wish, we can create individual tracking concepts for the targeted collection of KPIs.

If applicable, we can conduct continuous qualitative user research to better understand how the expectations of your customers are developing.

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Content strategy, management and creation

We establish and customize a CMS aligned to your workflow in content production. Furthermore, we can define how content should be created, structured, and streamlined to your touchpoints. We assist you in defining concepts for targeted content delivery and we help you to run campaigns to elevate selected contents and to drive customer engagement.

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We provide reliable support.

We help you to make best use of your digital services, products and to integrate them into your operations. We’re there for you — even after the release. We’ll take care of all maintenance tasks and keep an eye on your users. In accordance with your SLAs, we’ll supervise the ongoing process and will be available for your requests. We’ll regularly support your team in special training to guarantee efficient working and to ensure the best quality.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our developers and content experts help to optimize your platform for search engine positioning.Based on a comprehensive analysis, we create an initial strategy together. We help with the optimization of search engine relevant content and the constant monitoring, as well as meaningful reporting.

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Certified safety according to ISO and TISAX

Besides our reliable support and high-security standards in hosting, we attach high value to certified standards. We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and TISAX®️️ – the results of our certification and all information can be found in our imprint.

In addition, we provide you with the best possible and comprehensive advice on the topics of accessibility according to BITV 2.0 and DSGVO compliance.

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Ergosign xHosting is your managed hosting partner. On our server clusters, we are hosting complex applications like content management systems or shop systems tailored to your needs. Our highly available and scalable infrastructure ensures maximum availability. Secure and trouble-free, IT is closely linked to your company's success. You can rely on the security of your data. We host in a TÜV-tested and ISO-certified level 3 data center.

In addition to xHosting, we also offer Cloud Hosting & Services such as AWS (Amazon Web Services). We take care of everything – from initial setup to monitoring and reporting during operation.

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