Mitarbeiter der Stadtwerke Düsseldorf und von Ergosign stehen gemeinsam hinter einem Schild der Stadtwerke Düsseldorf

A strong team: Stadtwerke Düsseldorf and Ergosign

Christian Grasmück Lead Project Manager • Team Manager

Alina Dier Business Developer • Communication Manager

15/05/2023 • 2 minutes reading time

Energy transition, energy crisis, and enormous price pressure: The entire energy sector is changing. We have been supporting Stadtwerke Düsseldorf for several years as they face new challenges, and together we have been creating digital services that offer exceptional customer experiences. We asked Nils Buschhüter, Project Manager Web Platforms & Portals in the eCommerce & Digital team at Stadtwerke Düsseldorf, a few questions about our collaboration so far:

Nils, how would you describe the collaboration between Stadtwerke Düsseldorf and Ergosign?

Nils: Ergosign has been our full-service provider and primary contact for our web presence for three years now. From UX testing and UX design to development, maintenance, and support: We are partners and work great as a team. Particularly at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, we were able to benefit from Ergosign's digitalization know-how and existing structures and processes. Thus, the project team quickly supported us in introducing software for digital collaboration. The geographical distance between us in Düsseldorf and the Ergosign team in Saarbrücken was never a problem. We all see each other daily (digitally) in a Daily and exchange information about the current progress of work.

Why are UX design and customer experience such a big deal for you?

Nils: For us, it's simple: We see a good, integrated web presence for new and existing customers as a differentiating factor. Electricity and gas are interchangeable products. What convinces and sustainably binds customers to us is fantastic service and an excellent customer experience. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, we are currently developing our web platform towards a Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

How does a DXP help you focus on customers and employees?

Nils: We previously managed elements such as our rewards system or our customer referral program through third-party apps that were integrated into our website. But this means that the contents cannot be controlled centrally by one system across all digital channels. This is where the DXP comes in: It allows us to manage content and data independently of touchpoints. It is a central point for creating, managing, and delivering personalized digital customer experiences across all our channels. This makes our employees' work more straightforward and improves the customer experience at the same time.

Our project manager, Christian Grasmück, can only confirm Nils Buschhüter's perspective:

Openness, trust, and clear communication created a productive partnership that led the projects to success.

We are delighted to continue supporting the transformation of the energy sector with optimized IT processes and great tools together with Stadtwerke Düsseldorf in the future.

Our team is currently working on redesigning the existing company website. Technical changes are the focus: The combination of Microsoft Azure and a headless CMS offers flexibility, scalability, and security for companies. The seamless integration enables secure content hosting on a scalable platform without having to worry about infrastructure. Cloud hosting streamlines data management and workload, enabling a smooth customer experience.

Do you want to learn more about the tooling selection at Stadtwerke Düsseldorf and how they support digitalization? Contact us!

Employees of Stadtwerke Düsseldorf and Ergosign stand together behind a sign of Stadtwerke Düsseldorf.
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