SAP HANA – Outstanding UX for complex search, analysis & calculations.

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Together with the pioneer in digitalization, Ergosign creates an outstanding UX.

SAP HANA supports companies in their digital transformation. With the SAP HANA product, SAP is the technology leader in the area of in-memory computing. This puts high demands on handling, visualization and performance. Implementation is ensured by outstanding usability and unparalleled UX provided by Ergosign.

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Performance for large amounts of data

With SAP HANA, for the first time ever, complex searches, analysis and calculations can be carried out within milliseconds — even if a huge amount of data is involved. This high performance imposes special conditions on handling and visualization. The user interface is therefore a critical component of the product SAP HANA.


Innovative UX & advanced animations

Together with SAP, we had focused on the core functions and, after intensive database structure analysis, developed an innovative UX solution for data representation. Moreover, interaction is made more comprehensible for users by sophisticated animations, which support them in their activities. Originally envisaged as an independent application, SAP HANA Infos Access was finally integrated into SAP Fiori. The front end of the native iOS App was also finally programmed by Ergosign UX developers in collaboration with SAP.


New design for digital transformation

SAP HANA is an open platform for the in-memory technology to be used by SAP for the first time. The SAP HANA platform is in the center of this new database generation, ideally suitable for supporting companies in their shift to a digital economy. A UI jointly designed by the teams uses interaction and animations to effectively implement this idea.

About the client


Europe's largest software provider with head office in Walldorf operates both in Europe and worldwide; SAP has the world's highest turnover in software development and software services in the segment of business applications. The commercial focus is on the business areas of sales, consulting, training and marketing.

Katharina Roos, Principal UX Designer, Head of Quality Management & Organizational Development, Ergosign GmbH

"An unparalleled user experience was created through compelling visualizations, interactions, and performance of the SAP HANA technology in an intensive collaboration of the UX teams of SAP Walldorf, SAP Israel and Ergosign."

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