Uniform design across all digital channels - Ergosign develops a design system for GLOBUS

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Redesign of the GLOBUS digital channels based on the new corporate identity

Ergosign has already worked with GLOBUS on numerous UX design projects in order to make their wide range of groceries, high-quality products and advice available to customers digitally.
The new GLOBUS corporate identity should, of course, also be visible on all digital channels. We developed a design system for GLOBUS to ensure a consistent design across all digital touchpoints.

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Appealing design across all digital channels

The aim of the project was to transfer the new corporate identity to the digital channels and roll it out across all digital touchpoints. The challenge here was to ensure a consistent look and feel across all digital channels while maintaining each touchpoint's own character. Due to the different touchpoints, it was also important to involve various stakeholders in the project at all times to ensure good cooperation.


From individual components to the design system

The already existing corporate design was to be translated for the digital channels. The design was implemented with the collaborative design tool Figma.
We work collaboratively with our customers and Figma is ideally suited for that, because all stakeholders can provide feedback directly in the tool. This allows the design team to always have an overview of all the requirements and be able to implement changes immediately.
The goal was to create a positive user experience – regardless of the touchpoint. We increase the user experience across all touchpoints through a uniform look and feel with visual consistency across all digital channels.


Redesign of the GLOBUS digital channels

The result: Optimal usability along all digital touchpoints with a uniform look & feel and visual consistency across channels.
The advantages of the design system are obvious. It is built in a scalable and modular way. This not only saves time and costs during development, it also ensures a consistent look and feel across the various channels. If the design of a touchpoint needs to be changed, a new channel or channel features are added, the system can be expanded easily. Because once they are set up, the components only have to be adjusted once, instead of individually at each point. At the same time, consistency within the GLOBUS landscape is always maintained, which is essential for a good user experience.

Have a look at the GLOBUS website (German only).


Design templates for more uniformity

The uniform design on the various social media platforms is ensured with design templates, which can be used independently by the GLOBUS team for the creation of social media posts.
Templates we created for display banners, illustrations and icons also contribute to a consistent look and feel.

About the client

About GLOBUS Markthallen Holding GmbH & Co. KG

GLOBUS is an independent family business based in St. Wendel, Saarland. With 60 market halls and around 20,000 employees, the company is one of the leading retail companies in Germany.

Sigrun Löffelholz, GLOBUS Marketing-Leiterin

„As part of our CI/CD transition, we successfully worked with Ergosign to significantly evolve our UI/UX design for our digital channels.
As we have already worked together very successfully in the past, Ergosign was also our first choice for this project.“

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