Audi inCar-App — Automated driving whilst staying in control

The picture shows the dashboard of an Audi including the infotainment system. The display shows an example screen of our support and feedback concept.

Feedback concept to support automated driving

Whilst on the road, we are bombarded with countless impressions. Automated or semi-automated driving promises to assist us during our car journeys. But how do we design the interaction between humans and cars in (semi-)automated driving?

In this project with Audi, the interaction between drivers and cars at different levels of automation was in focus. Ergosign faced the challenge of designing a support and feedback concept and implementing it prototypically in Unity. An evaluation of the prototype provided significant insights into the acceptance of the concept and the best possible support for drivers, especially during the first (semi-)automated trips.

UX Design
Usability Testing

BriefBeing in control is good - automated driving even better?

Being in control is good - automated driving even better? Would a digital tutor that assists people during their initial experiences with automated driving be helpful? We designed and developed an in-car concept for Audi to answer this question.

We explored potential output options for a digital assistant: head-up display, digital instrument cluster, and auditory signals as well as speech output options. We integrated these various output modes with the specific requirements of driving situations. The result is a multimodal support system that seamlessly integrates displays, speech output, audio information, and animations in a human and context-appropriate manner.

ApproachA tutor as a fallback

Throughout the project, we evaluated how an interactive system - as a digital tutor - can provide targeted support to drivers during automated driving. The core of the tutor consists of three display systems: the instrument cluster, the central console display, and the head-up display.

The goal was to present an optimal amount of information at the right time in the most suitable location. Different driving modes needed to be considered, each resulting in different requirements for the driver. The displayed information should be perceived as helpful and presented aptly. Above all, drivers should never be distracted or overwhelmed by the presented information.

OutcomeTailored concept

The developed concept was implemented in an interactive prototype. This prototype distributed the information across the digital displays, used animations purposefully, and complemented visual representations with auditory signals and voice instructions. The concept was successfully evaluated in an empirical study involving 32 participants. An experimental group received support from the tutor during the simulator ride, while a control group received only instructions with the same information before the ride. The tutor proved to be a promising concept that provides valuable assistance to drivers during their initial interactions with automated driving and increases acceptance towards automated vehicles. More information about the study and its results can be found here.


Audi AG stands for sports vehicles, high-quality craftsmanship, and progressive design - for "Vorsprung durch Technik" (advancement through technology; source: Audi).
A driverless future: More relaxed driving, increased road safety, reduced traffic congestion, and environmental impact – thanks to its numerous advantages, automated driving constitutes one of the most important fields of development at Audi. Over 15 years of ongoing research and testing continually contribute to series production development.

Piloted driving, also known as automated driving, plays a significant role at Audi.

highlightAutomated driving at Ergosign

Through our research project APEROL, we were able to apply our expertise in the field of automated driving perfectly. For more information about our research project, please refer to our Insights article.

Example screen of our assistance and feedback concept, showing the manual driving mode.
Example screen of our support and feedback concept, showing the assistant driving mode.
Beispiel-Screen unseres Unterstützungs- und Feedbackkonzepts, welcher den automatisierten Fahrmodus zeigt.