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Qt - the framework with a special focus on user experiences.

Ergosign relies on the Qt software framework to develop unique requirements with fluid, powerful and intuitive user interfaces (UI). Whether you have multiple target platforms, embedded devices, large and diverse product palettes or even everything at once - we provide the solution that serves your purpose. And because every project is unique, our designs go hand in hand with reliable and forward-thinking development.

Ergosign Qt team in a meeting

Adding design to full stack development

Our cross-functional teams consist of a variety of roles to provide the user experience you aim for. UX designers work closely together with Qt developers to provide a frontend that matches your goals. Along with skilled software architects, backend developers and testers, we deliver the product tailored to your needs.

Ergosign development team at the office

We are chameleons!

We are a team of well-trained agile Qt developers that fit in anywhere. You already have your set-up? - We love to be included in your team, processes and your infrastructure! Not sure where to start? - We have a ready-to-use infrastructure along with well-defined processes including a useful testing strategy and a complete CI/CD lifecycle. We help you to get started, get familiar with state-of-the-art approaches and support you to make the right choices along the way.

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Contact us and get a customized offer tailored to your specific requirements. Ergosign supports you in realizing your Qt projects.

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Dorian Bauer

Team Lead & Technology Lead Flutter

Even more restricted? - Qt for MCU

Hardware restrictions can be a tough one sometimes, even if the design team is in close touch with development. We offer Qt for MCU development for all situations, where the hardware sets the tone.

Qt for MCU

Ergosign 💚 Qt Creator

Anyone who has ever worked with Qt Creator has also worked with an Ergosign UI. We are proud to have been involved in the design of the first Qt Creator. Our team of certified Qt developers is growing steadily and is always happy to be joined. Qt is not only a tradition at Ergosign in customer projects, we also use Qt internally for projects such as our self-developed meeting room displays based on the Raspberry Pi.

More about the project

Why we love Qt

Qt is a universally applicable application framework with special focus on the implementation of modern user experiences. The platform-independent and hardware-oriented implementation makes Qt valuable in a wide variety of scenarios and industries. Even on weaker embedded hardware, Qt can implement an impressive UX.