Multi Experience LabInnovation you can touch - multimodal prototyping in our hardware lab.

Man works in the Ergosign Multi Experience Lab.

Experience the scope of bleeding edge technologies.

The technicization of our environment through intelligent IoT devices is progressing rapidly and will not spare humans themselves. So-called “Human Wearable Bionics” will allow us to become a direct part of this connected world. What matters now is a human-centric view: Which technologies have the potential to sensibly support people? How can we implement holistic and human-friendly interaction concepts with modern technologies — from touch to speech to gestures?

We explore the meaning of these questions at the Ergosign Multi Experience Lab. We make it possible to use technical innovations for your project – today.

Prototyping – design rapidly and cost-effectively

Prototypes help us test ideas and designs rapidly and cost-effectively. In our Lab, we can physically manufacture controls such as switches, IoT sensors and even complete device mock-ups using our 3D printer. We can then connect these directly to the user interfaces we design. This way, we can obtain specific feedback on the interaction between hardware and design already in an early project phase and without any major development effort.

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Woman with laptop on lap sits in Ergosign Multi Experience Lab.


In the Multi Experience Lab, we bring together technology enthusiasts from a wide range of disciplines – we research, experiment, and gain experience. We model realistic and real-time 3D renderings for AR/VR applications and use 3D printers to manufacture prototypes for innovative input elements. Our lab is the gateway to the exciting world of IoT.

Ergosign Mult Experience Lab with green couch and workspace.

Open innovation @Ergosign

In addition to project and practice-oriented opportunities, our IoT Lab thrives on the innovations, ideas and creativity of the minds that tinker, create and try things out in it.

Our team lets their creativity and visions run wild and make them a reality. The success speaks for itself: This is how we create innovative solutions to everyday problems. Solutions such as the xDesk- und xPark-App or the interactive meeting room displays support us in our daily work.

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Ergosign Meetingraum-Display an einem Meetingraum mit zwei Frauen darin.