Visual Design. Report 2023

Sascha Strass Lead UX Designer • Solution Expert Visual Design

Selena Bobek Senior UX Designer, Specialist Visual Design

Matthias Rebmann Senior UX Designer, Specialist Visual Design

06/02/2023 • 2 minutes reading time

What do Wallace & Gromit have to do with design?

It has been fascinating to see how trends from the past have established themselves and, in some cases, become the norm throughout 2022. So we have looked at current trends and possible new standards for 2023.

A trend that has definitely established itself is New Brutalism — also part of anti-design. There, the beauty of function trumps the beauty of form, and the style impresses with raw aesthetics, harsh contrasts, striking typography, and the absence of gradients.

From trend to standard

A trend that has become more of a standard is dark mode, which many users now prefer. One thing that, in our opinion, should absolutely become a standard is diversity in design. By this, we mean the most diverse possible representation of people of different ages, nationalities, gender identities and sexual orientations, physical and mental abilities, religions, etc.

Our report also looks at trends like Claymorphism, Retro and Memphis Design, Vivid Minimalism, and a few others. If you want to read our report in detail and understand the reference to the famous characters Wallace & Gromit, you can download it here.

Collage of Trends for the Visual Design Report 2023
Visual Design Report 2023 - Trend Collage