Visual Design Report 2022

Sascha Strass Lead UX Designer • Solution Expert Visual Design

Fabian Kuntz Specialist Visual Design

11/02/2022 • 4 minutes reading time

What is a Visual Design Report, and why should you write one?

A visual design report is a tool for designers and customers alike - the goal: to get to know new design options.

Writing and publishing this report is an excellent opportunity to engage with industry peers and communicate design ideas more tangibly. The design industry is constantly evolving and changing, so it's essential to keep an eye on trends and reinterpretations.

Our assessment is designed to help identify techniques, technologies, and trends before they become standard. Some of the elements that we mention in our report are already on the verge of becoming industry standards. We list them anyway because trendy can also be tricky, and it takes expertis

Tricky Bits

  • Dark themes are not suitable for every use case - even if industry giants like Apple and Google can certainly give the impression with the native support in their operating systems. It's essential to consider the context, environment, and application in which the UI is being used.

  • Thinking UIs in 3D opens up new possibilities for interaction and allows more individuality. 3D characters can greatly simplify storytelling and increase confidence in the application. But be careful: If misused, the style can quickly appear too playful and kitschy.

Trendy Bits

  • The reproduction of natural surfaces such as paper, crystal, and glass is currently considered state-of-the-art. Properly implemented, these elements convey a tangible and lasting impression. The feasibility is difficult because development platforms only offer limited visual design options.

  • Flat design has been with us for some years, and several subtrends have developed from this, which we would like to discuss briefly:

    • We've seen Muted Colors more frequently over the past year, and with the introduction of Google's "Material You" design language, the supposed trend is well on its way to becoming a standard.

    • Frasurbane got its name from the sitcom Frasier because it perfectly reflects the part of the 90s that impresses with restrained, beige design.

    • Ukiyo-e is a genre of Japanese art that was particularly popular from the 17th to the 19th centuries. Stylistic devices from well-known works of art are now used digitally.

    • '90s Nostalgia might even be trending because many of today's designers are actually '90s kids. This time is known for bright neon colors and designs that almost jump out at you and are therefore remembered for a long time.

  • Anti-Design has many forms, all of which are different and unconventional, sometimes even contradicting well-known design principles and standards. They are also reminiscent of another aspect of the 90s: grunge.

Our Conclusion

„Interestingly, these trends are going in two directions: minimalist and reserved in terms of color or strongly reminiscent of the 90s. However, the focus on the user experience is common to all. It's also important to recognize that sometimes trends are just that: trends. At Ergosign, we advise our customers on which style suits a sustainable design or whether an experimental design can underline the image of a product. We think you should take a risk.“

Want to find out more? The full report for 2022 is available for Download here: