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Icon Design

Good icons contribute significantly to a positive user experience. In addition to optical aspects, they also have a functional use and have a positive impact on the usability of your application. With our high-quality icon sets, your product will thrill customers and users!

LMS Icons


Our experienced designers create icons that are customized specifically and exclusively for your product. Not only do custom icons provide an essential contribution to the improved usability of your software – their design also adds value to the aesthetics of the user interface and increases the recognition value.


We create icons in close collaboration with you. Our designers create an appealing icon style which stands out from the masses and ensures the unique design of your product. Together, we choose optimal icon metaphors for the relevant areas of the application.

3D Bagger Icons


Thanks to vector-based files, your icons are suitable for versatile uses and are scalable to a wide range of application cases. We also optimize export files for the specific requirements of your software in order to guarantee highest display quality.


The app icon is the first point of contact for users with your software and thus is decisive for the success of your product. In collaboration with you, our designers create a striking icon with recognition value, which optimally represents the core functionality and brand values of your software.

Crossbase Icons


Illustrations are used in many areas of a user interface. Whether as an optical highlight or for the visualization of processes or user navigation – illustrations often express simply and precisely what would otherwise only be possible with many words. This means application areas are almost limitless.


Sometimes two dimensions are simply not enough to illustrate a process. In this case, 3D illustrations and renderings help making complex issues easy to understand for users. The user experiences your product in a new way.

IWM App Icons

Case Studies

Toll Collect
Toll Collect

Toll Collect

Saarländischer Rundfunk
Saarländischer Rundfunk

Saarländischer Rundfunk

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