Flying high with our User Interface:
Aibot skyCAPP.

Leica Geosystems – drone remote control

Leica Geosystems engaged us to design an intuitive app for the remote control of the Aibot UAV. The app should cover several use cases: On the one hand, the drone should work automatically and the pilot should act as an active observer. On the other hand, direct manual flights should also be possible. These include the automatic take-off and landing of the drone, status checks or recording of photos and videos during the flight.

"For a UAV surveyor, control and transparency are highly important. To meet this need, we have created an easy-to-use and flexible app that helps pilots to focus on every type of a mission they have."

Valentin Fuchs

Valentin Fuchs

Business Director UAV
Leica Geosystems AG


Although we started designing the app "on a greenfield site", two factors posed particular challenges. The drone control user group is very heterogeneous, ranging from construction engineers, land surveyors and professional UAV pilots to people responsible for wind farm maintenance. This means that users have different prior knowledge and different control requirements.

Furthermore, the surfaces that can be seen in the interface during the flight are very variable. For a good interface it is essential that it is well visible and operable on all backgrounds, but at the same time does not interfere with the focus of the application. Here a concept had to be developed which is adaptable and displays the content to the app operators in a format which is optimal for them.

Screens of the skyCAPP app by Ergosign


In the project we worked iteratively from start to finish: design variants and ideas were always analyzed, coordinated and improved together. In order to pick up all users, our concept includes intuitive operating elements: For take-off and emergency landing of the drone, the movements of the drone are intuitively simulated by gestures when operating the controls, making the effect of the operation clear to every user. In addition, parts of the drone control system are variable in position, allowing the user to adapt the interface to his requirements as measured by the visible camera image and the task at hand.


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