UX Design meets Healthcare:
Improvement of a MRT-UI.

SIEMENS AG - UX Design for MRT

A new UI should be developed for the software of magnetic resonance therapy devices (MRT) that would integrate seamlessly into existing systems and requirements. Our design focused on user-friendliness and intuitive control of the MRT on the integrated display as well as on the desktop.

"During the project we were able to bridge the gap between two very different usability contexts in order to ensure a solid user experience with respect to the MTRA."

Hannes Fritz

Hannes Fritz

Lead UX Designer
Ergosign GmbH


The new UI was not a standalone development, but should be embedded into an existing system. The task at hand, thus was to make the best possible use of such limited room to maneuver. The control on the integrated display of the MRT should have a look and feel which upholds consistency within the setup software while reflecting the high-quality appearance of the device.


We modified the examination setup on the PC for the new UI and also incorporated new technologies (WPF) to unlock maximum interactivity for a user-friendly design of the dot engines. The controls on the device were enhanced by a modern look and feel.

Siemens UI Screens


The entire UI was reworked for desktop and embedded systems within the project. Our four UX designers and a project manager worked closely together with the team, project manager, product manager and the development team of Siemens.


The healthcare sector of the Siemens AG is particularly innovation driven in the field of ​​magnetic resonance tomography. The new workflow technology Dot (Day optimizing throughput) features prominently in the two new systems, MAGNETOM Aera and MAGNETOM Skyra.

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