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Leica Geosystems – Captivate

The purpose of the project is creating a novel user experience for the field data collection. It was also important to include such conditions as changing the light quality or concrete reality conditions through the work circumstances of the device users.

"The feedback on the software so far is incredible – very, very positive. All people love the UI. Really great job!"

Alastair Green

Alastair Green

Director, Market Development, BU Surveying and Engineering
Leica Geosystems


Leica Captivate had to feature a UI to be operated intuitively and mastered easily by users of any type. At the same time, complex graphs such as 3D models had to be created with ease.


Navigation through the program was enhanced by a more intuitive control system (more in section 'Touch & More'). Besides, the control system was individually adjusted to the device used. Nonetheless, the scalability aspect was regarded in the design to enable quick handling all devices by the users.

3D modles of the design of Leica Captivate

Touch & More

From the very first time, users can easily navigate through measurement jobs and programs per touch by simple wiping movements, as with a smartphone. In addition, Leica Captivate enables dedicated hardware controls, which, depending on the device, include a QWERTY keyboard plus a directional pad or just the directional pad alone.

3D Viewer

Not just see, but to also experience data – the motto applies, in particular, to the innovative 3D viewing. Digital images, scans of MultiStation and CAD data produce an interactive 3D model, which enables full quality control by the user afield.

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Leica Geosystems
Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems



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