Development of a Responsive IoT-Cross-Platform App with Qt.

Transparent device and user management

The start-up 2log made the traceability of devices and users in shops, studios and labs their business. In close collaboration with 2log, we developed the 2log platform based on the founder’s design. Because getting market-ready quickly is crucial for start-ups, we decided to use Qt QML for the frontend development. Thus, the platform can easily reach many potential users.

2log — the Start-up

Using the self-designed IoT hardware (2log-Dot and 2log-Switch), the app can not only administrate machine and device access rights but also collect lots of data about the devices and users, like workload, electricity consumption, operating time and -duration.

Platform and Hardware

All 2log data is sent to a cloud. Using the 2log app you can check, analyze and evaluate all data. Every admin has a personal login and can use extensive functions like adding and managing users, define access rights, check the device and machine workload and check the statistics.

Responsiv Qt-App for 2log on different devices

Qt QML offers a decisive advantage for the start-up: it only needs one code basis to build the platform in many different ways.

Regardless of whether you use Firefox, Chrome or Safari — users can set their favorite browser to easily access the platform. Thanks to Qt Web-Assembly, the platform behaves as performant as a real, native application.

Screencast of Qt-based 2log app


The platform doesn’t only look good when used via the browser on desktop computers. It also performs perfectly on smartphones and tablets, thanks to its responsive concepts.

Native for Mobile und Desktop

Qt can easily compile the code for native Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows apps. And there is no need to re-write one line of code! This saves the start-up a lot of time.

Communication matrix of 2log Devices and Cloud
2log Communication matrix. Image © 2log

Software ❤️ Hardware

Thanks to Qt, the app can easily access smartphone hardware, like the mostly standardly installed RFID readers.

With these, any 2log administrator can read users’ access cards. This allows credits or authorizations of a specific user to be edited easily and quickly.

Weitere Case Studies

Ergosign Labs: Quiri
Ergosign Labs: Quiri

Ergosign Labs: Quiri

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