The logistic sector may become all robotic soon, but customers still make their experiences.

Man with tabelt in warehouse.

When complexity needs to be tamed and time is a key metric, we need technology to be applied in light velocity.

UX design methodology ensures that our designs are aligned with the user's mindset and work flow preferences. Together we find the ultimate solution to delight users — and your customers.

Warehouse from bird's eye view of trucks.


Warehouse Management

Highly efficient software solutions are required to manage the complexity of intralogistic operations to meet tight schedules. Automatization with minimum to no human involvement for picking operations in warehouses is the line of development. Robots and driverless vehicles replace human workers to optimize efficiency, and reliability to ultimately increase profitability. While AI maintains the highest possible performance in a constantly changing environment, the software requires highest standard in usability and an information architecture designed to master and navigate its complexity.

Dashboards and data visualization support the user to monitor and its structure needs to offer direct access to the details to always provide full control.

We support you in developing digitalization in harmony with the needs of your employees and your company's goals.

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Warehouse with workers.


The way of transport

As freight travels from A to B, it passes various places, changes vehicles, and involves transactions with numerous parties along the supply chain.

While moving towards its destination, the freight links to a lot of data and leaves a paper trail on its way. These papers are still often the only proof for fulfilled transactions, hand-overs, and services used on its journey.

Ein Frachtschiff fährt unter einer Autobahnbrücke hindurch.

Frictionless transactions ensure high-performance supply chains.

Many transactions are performed in supply chain management — yet paper-based contracts remain the industry standard. Innovative technologies such as blockchain have the potential to make transactions seamless and promise a direct impact on profitability: The use of smart contracts or executing payments in cryptocurrencies, for example, can help reduce the costs for conversion.

Our service design approach helps you benefit from technology innovations. Improve the interaction and experiences along the entire supply chain.

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Woman with clipboard controls truck driver.

Track & Trace — real-time supply chain transparency

Real-time tracking is necessary to ensure real transparency along the supply chain. IoT devices inform fleet management software about parameters such as the temperature of sensible freight. Knowing all vehicles' location and load status enables agents to change routes and raise profitability. This new ecosystem needs to be carefully designed to live to its fullest potential.

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Man with tablet - truck in the background.

Urban Logistics

Customers want fast delivery and full control.

The days when people were satisfied with the pronounced day of delivery are over. Technology and real-time data make it possible to show the customer the exact time the goods arrive. And this became the new standard. It needs to integrate into the lifestyle, to fit into the day plan of the customer. These are high expectations and they are taken over into the business world from now on.We help you to build solutions which come up to this expectations.

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Package is held up to the camera.

Urban logistic services drive local businesses.

New delivery start-ups took over our cities in no time. The pandemic situation has sped this development up. Consumers can order almost anything to their homes. Small businesses received access to a larger customer base. Customers order through an app and not for the restaurant’s website. People switch quickly when they find a more convenient solution: That shows how important the customer experience is.

We help you to improve your customer experience.

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