The energy sector in transition

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Customer experience as a decisive competitive advantage

The energy sector faces new challenges, including the energy transition, the energy crisis, and the pressure on prices due to government-imposed electricity and gas price caps. Digital services with an outstanding customer experience are vital when the price is no longer a competitive criterion.

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Designing touchpoints consciously

Digitalization has opened up many opportunities for interaction between providers and customers. There are many more digital touchpoints than the traditional company website. Even the appearance on external platforms, such as comparison portals, must be considered. From apps to charging stations, the design has to make content easy to understand and the proper technology must be in place to provide the right content at the right moment.

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Focussing on customers and employees with a DXP

A Digital Experience Platform, or DXP, allows for maintaining content and data independen from touchpoints, thus creating the foundation for an actual omni-channel strategy for content, services or e-commerce. In addition to seamless data processing, the look & feel, and interactions must also be adaptable to the touchpoint in order to ensure a consistent brand image.
Essentially, it is people that create successful digitalization. Therefore, the employee experience is just as important to us as the customer experience.

Only with the right "tools" can your employees create the best possible customer experience. It requires the appropriate data basis, optimized IT processes, and structures. There is no predefined set of technology for this, but it is clear that traditional CMS solutions no longer meet the requirements. We will advise you on the best solution for your needs.

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A design system for a consistent brand identity

Using a design system enables a consistent brand experience at all touchpoints. As a toolbox for design and development, the brand can be represented consistently and simoultaneously meet the high requirements for customization. The digital experience platform allows central control of creating, managing, and delivering individual customer experiences.

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Optimized and human-centered processes

The faster products, services, or content are created and published, the bigger the advantage over the competition. A modular and interconnected DXP architecture enables your team to create and manage content centrally and publish quickly. However, an outstanding digital experience is only achievable when the entire organization pulls together - from leadership to employees. This leads to more motivation and personal engagement, which makes the difference in a human-centered organization. Learn more about the foundation of a human-centered organization.

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Tools and Technologies

The best possible employee experience needs the right technical setup. We work with the most systems for the industry - whether Powercloud, Lima, or Chargecloud. We also recognize technologies and tools already established in the company. We advise you on the selection specifically for your individual needs.

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