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Mobile devices are everywhere. Always on hand, they have long since taken over our everyday lives. Take advantage of all the benefits these mobile companions bring with them - whether it’s a native app, web or hybrid app.

Native for the best UX

Native apps achieve the best performance, always have access to the latest device features and are the only option to offer a truly platform-native feel. The “last 10 percent” it takes to realize the perfect user experience can only be achieved through native implementation. We’d be happy to design and develop your native app to meet your requirements.

"The Perigon Mobile app is the "core" of technical nursing infrastructure."

Patrik Bailer

Patrik Bailer

Spitex Zürich Limmat AG


Perigon Mobile UX Development

Hype or real Alternative?

Web apps don’t need installing, as they can be accessed via the browser. They imitate the behavior and visual appearance of native apps but have a cross-platform code basis. Especially when it comes to apps with no hardware-specific functions and that can only be used with an internet connection, implementation as a purely web-based app can be a good option.


Cross-platform approaches also have their benefits. A joint code basis for iOS and Android through the use of web technologies with access to the native system functions of the relevant platform make hybrid apps an attractive option. The hybrid platform used, such as Xamarin, PhoneGap or React Native, must be chosen carefully. A forward-thinking selection here can avoid disadvantages later on in the project. It’s not uncommon for the use of native features to lead to partial splits in the joint code basis. Together, we’ll weigh up the pros and cons of native implementation.

Mobile Development

Use the hardware

Typing in passwords is so passé. Today, technology such as FaceID and fingerprinting makes for a high level of security combined with the best possible ease of use. The clever use of in-built sensors can take user experience to a new level.

Thanks to Bluetooth and GPS, it’s possible to make content and interactions location-specific. Comprehensive accessibility can be achieved by using technology such as speech recognition or system-wide font enlargement.

Mobile Development

AR: Reality Update

Augmented reality opens up completely new ways to interact and inform. This is the projection of virtual elements into the user’s real surroundings, such as displaying instructions on how to use a machine. While special AR hardware is still fairly cumbersome and costly to procure, the first steps towards augmented reality can be taken with compatible smartphones and tablets. These are common, easier to store, and versatile.


We offer you a full-service solution from conception to design and development - from initial user analyses to a usable app. We create tailor-made designs through detailed analyses of the end user’s workflow. Implementation takes place in consultation with our UX Designers to ensure detailed implementation as well as maximum efficiency. Together, we’ll discuss which app technology is right for your project.

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root-service ag

root-service ag

Buhl Data Service
Buhl Data Service

Buhl Data Service

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