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UX Design is the center of your product development. We translate the results of the strategy phase into requirements and develop a concept for your product – in close collaboration with you. An interactive and visually detailed prototype, paired with lightweight documentation, guarantees a seamless designer developer workflow.

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The basis of successful products are interaction concepts that are intuitive, scalable, fun and easy to use so that users and customers achieve their goals rapidly. We design concrete screens from abstract user story maps and thus make concepts tangible.


Prototyping is crucial throughout the entire project. It is the perfect base for discussing design ideas together in a team, presenting these to stakeholders and testing them with users. An interactive prototype allows for experiencing the product before starting the implementation and lets us take well-founded decisions, quickly and without great expenses.

More about Prototyping in the Multi Experience Lab

Ergosign Styleguide Example Quiri


In order to optimally support requirements, workflows and processes, we ensure the perfect coordination of content, functions and navigation. Technical constraints, personas and the context of use are taken into account when designing a sound and streamlined interaction concept.


The aesthetics of your products contribute significantly to their successand therefore represent a special focus of our work. Our sophisticated visual design creates a WOW experience. It combines joy of use, usability with your corporate identity, conveying your brand values to your users and customers.

"Together with Ergosign, we successfully introduced the collaborative UX process."

Johannes Hansen

Johannes Hansen

Senior Director Application Development & User Experience AVIATAR
Lufthansa Technik AG

AVIATAR by Lufthansa Technik

AVIATAR Lufthansa Technik


Everybody loves animations and micro interactions that are designed with sure instinct and finesse. We implement them in such a way that they are fun and guarantee a better understanding of your products. Properly animated UIs guide your users through workflows, without adding unnecessary visual complexity.


Individual icons and illustrations will give your product a unique look. Together, we define a suitable style and define metaphors. In finest handcraft our designers create small pieces of art, which make your product outstanding.

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Ergosign Styleguide Example Quiri


Our designs are validated by authentic feedback from real users. Lightweight, with minimal planning and documentation. Whether mobile, in our in-house Usability labs, remote, in 1:1 interviews or A/B tests with large samples - we always have the right user research method ready.

More about User Research


We keep the specification of our designs as lightweight as possible. It is continuously updated and can be developed into a comprehensive online design system during the project. This means that your designers and developers can always access relevant information quickly and easily.

Case Studies

Saarländischer Rundfunk
Saarländischer Rundfunk

Saarländischer Rundfunk

Ergosign Labs: Quiri
Ergosign Labs: Quiri

Ergosign Labs: Quiri

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