Joy of use

We ensure that your customers
will love your product.

Knowing trends

Consumer products are no longer simple devices. They are becoming increasingly more complex as a result of ever more extensive functions. The increasing digitization comes with new challenges, because your customers expect latest technologies with excellent user experience. We know all the latest trends and help you in the choice and design of suitable technologies. We ensure that your customers will love your product.

Technology everywhere

In no other industry do usage contexts, environmental influences and associated requirements for user experience vary as much as in the consumer sector. The continuous development of smartphones, wearables and home automation, as well as new trends such as digital assistants and augmented reality, constantly open up new perspectives. From our well-founded user research, you will find out how customers actually use your products, which is valuable knowledge for future developments.

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It Just Works

Long gone are the days in which consumers became frustrated with awkward menu navigations or had to spend time on reading through extensive manuals. Intuitive installation and operation with brilliant UX design are now a prerequisite – irrespective of whether one is dealing with phones, washing machines or cars. Interaction methods such as gestures or speech are expected and people are greatly disappointed if this is only inadequately supported. We develop prototypes in the early project phases in order to simulate the UX in all areas.

UX makes the difference

We help you to develop strategies to set yourself apart from the offers of your competitors. Hardware components hardly offer possibilities of differentiation and user experience is increasingly being focused on. Nothing is as crucial as the first impression and excellent products are characterized by a positive “first-time use”experience. Nevertheless, we optimize products in such a way that the daily use is fun too, because customer loyalty is certainly as important as the acquisition of new customers.

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