Mobile sensitivities­measurement and coherent data visualization

A concept for precisely measuring, documenting and analyzing sensitivities

At a glance

Customer Ergosign - Research project
Sector Sensivities measurement and data visualization
Project Health
Devices Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, Apple Watch
Services User Research, UX Strategy, UX Design, UX Development (Web, iOS, watchOS), Style Guide

Our Idea

Sensitivities measurement plays a key role for healthcare professionals and patients alike. Ergosign developed the “Quiri” concept to replace obsolete “pencil and paper” methods and to make assessment more comprehensive. Patients use a mobile app to assess their current sensitivities according to clinically tested methods. Measurement data is also enriched during a partially automated process (once consent has been granted) to enable medical professionals to evaluate information more comprehensively. A high-performance web UI supports efficient data visualization.

"Quiri enables both pain assessment and documentation using a multitude of different measuring methods and illustrates this in an easy-to-use workflow and a modern design."

Isabelle Schacht

Isabelle Schacht

Senior UX Designer
Ergosign GmbH


Children and young people place particular demands on the UI: the acquisition of sensitivity data must be designed so that it isn’t just easy to use, but ideally makes patients connect with the app through positive emotional experiences.


With some measuring methods, children choose an identity-forming avatar which they use as a mirror to communicate their condition.
The information can be transmitted to the doctor at regular intervals and without a great deal of extra effort using mobile devices (tablets, phones and smartwatches). The doctor is given a clear and efficient overview of their patients’ current sensitivities in the dashboard.


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Quiri was developed based on the IEC 62366 usability standards for medical devices. In this regard, we would particularly like to thank the Schmerzzentrum Berlin, especially Dr. med. Jan-Peter Jansen, and the Universitätsklinikum des Saarlandes, especially OA Dr. Patric Bialas (link?), for their invaluable support.


In March 2017, our colleague Annika Kaltenhauser was awarded the eCare Prize for the Humane Use of IT in Care for her thesis on Quiri. Annika developed a highly efficient UI to analyze the sensitivity data and related environmental variables in her Master’s thesis. Using a high-fidelity prototype, the design was enabled for interaction with the complex data structures and evaluated with users.

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