The UI for the new generation of the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite was developed with the active involvement of end users.

At a glance

Customer ATOSS Software AG
Sector Software and Service for workforce management
Project ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite
Services Scoping, Prototyping, HTML, CSS, Expert-Review, Visual Design

Our mission

The established solution ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite had to be modernized in an evolutionary manner, both in terms of visual appearance and interaction with regard to efficiency and user-friendliness.

The Staff Efficiency Suite was followed by the Staff Center in a second project.
All details can be found in this case study.

"The cooperation with Ergosign has been a true advantage for us. Not only have we designed a really great UI, but we have also learned a lot!"

Dr. Boris Baginski

Dr. Boris Baginski

Director Technology
ATOSS Software AG


Since the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite enjoys great popularity and wide acceptance in the market, users should be able to experience the added value of the new solution directly in their everyday work—without needing extensive training.


Before the development phase started, assumptions and design ideas were drawn up from the point of view of functionality and user experience and tested with existing users of the ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite using an interactive UI prototype. Through joint validations, this instrument could be established permanently in the product development process at ATOSS.

UI of ATOSS from Ergosign


Ergosign delivered the design in parts as HTML/CSS components, thus making it possible to keep the documentation light while enabling ATOSS to significantly accelerate the development. This approach also forms an integral part of the further long-term cooperation between Ergosign and ATOSS.


ATOSS Software AG is a provider of consulting, software and services focusing on professional workforce management and demand optimized personnel deployment. From conventional working time management, to mobile apps, detailed workforce forecasting, sophisticated workforce scheduling or strategic capacity, and demand scheduling, ATOSS has the right solution, in the cloud or on premise.

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