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Two Ergosign templates available at Miroverse

For us at Ergosign, collaborative work means sharing our experience and knowledge. With the increase in home office, Miro tools are the perfect digital solution for us - as a replacement to the good old post-its. Miro gives us many more options for collaboration.

The human-centered design process can never begin without gaining a deep understanding of the people who will use a service or product. For this it is essential to empathize with these people and understand their thoughts, emotions, needs and motivations. Only then can we establish a design that offers an optimal solution and user experience for the target group.

Understand & Explore: Our methodical approach
Understand & Explore: Our methodical approach

Two of our colleagues in Hamburg have set for themselves the goal of combining their best practices with their industry knowledge. The result are two Miro templates:
A template for a „UX Health Persona“ and a „Problem Statement for Logistics“.

The templates support our colleagues at Ergosign in working with our customers and are now available to the entire Miro community.

Template for a „UX Health Persona“

In our template for a (proto-) persona within the health department, we offer a focused analysis of the specific circumstances and challenges that arise from such a medical, health-related context. Depending on the type of project, product or service, it is often required to focus not only on physicians as experts, but also on patients and medical staff. In this way, we enter intimate and sensitive areas, often with a heavy impact on the private or professional lives of the respective individuals.
With our template, we hope to offer a way of capturing these worlds, impacts and above all the needs and behaviors of involved individuals in a project-specific manner in order to achieve well-aligned and efficiently designed solutions.

Click here for the free template: UX Health Persona

UX Health Persona Template bei Miroverse
UX Health Persona Template at Miroverse

Template for a „Problem Statement for Logistic“

Our template for such a problem statement in the logistics sector takes up this challenge in an industry-specific manner by addressing questions and issues on a level relevant for this context. In this way, the template offers support for the contextual alignment and coordination of logistical projects. Thus, it combines methodological processing with industrial knowledge, offering an optimized and efficient start into upcoming logistics projects.

For this reason, it is advisable to start any project with a problem statement in order to define a common understanding of the pursued goals as well as factors and boundary conditions that need to be considered.

Click here for the free template: Problem Statement for Logistic

The first steps into starting a new project are always highly important: only if we gain a sufficient understanding of the problem that is to be solved, we are able to start designing a good product or service. We hope to support the Miroverse community with our templates.

Many thanks to Amelie and Janine for gathering your knowledge and expertise! 🙏

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