What job do you do after your studies?

What are you studying again? …and what do you do after that

Those and similar questions are definitely heard by everyone during their studies - especially if the course is not directly tied to one profession.

Most degree programs prepare you for a variety of jobs in a wide variety of industries. Especially in the study courses that deal with new media and technologies, there is not only one profession that can be taken up after graduation. This makes it difficult for every student to orientate and to decide for a profession. It is very important to get an overview of which jobs you can take up after graduation and how you can develop in a variety of ways within a job.

We at Ergosign are aware of this question and have thought with an interdisciplinary team of designers and developers about how we as a company can help the students. We quickly realized that our UX designers and software engineers were facing the same questions during their studies.

This is how the event UX INSIGHTS@Ergosign came into being.

UX INSIGHTS at Ergosign Saabruecken
UX INSIGHTS at Ergosign Saabruecken

Our goal was to provide answers to all questions about professional life in the field of user experience. On May 15, 2019, our doors opened for 30 students from the region. We thought about a program that would give an insight into the daily work of our colleagues as well as a deeper professional insight into job-specific work processes such as Collaborative UX Design. Of course, the personal exchange should not be neglected either. At the end, our guests were able to exchange ideas over pizza and drinks not only with each other, but also with many Ergosign colleagues. Thus, our UX designers and software engineers were able to pass on their experiences from working life in one of the leading UX digital agencies in Europe at first hand and all questions of the students were answered.

In the INSIGHTS Workshop on Collaborative UX Design
In the INSIGHTS Workshop on Collaborative UX Design

A few quotes from our guests…

"The event was great! You can see all the people's passion and interest."

"Super event for us students. We could get an overview of the everyday life of a UX designer at Ergosign. It was fun! 😊"

"Especially the networking I liked very much."

We would like to thank you for a great day on which we also learned a lot!

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