Ergosign donates

for children in Germany and Malawi

We support projects of the Kinderhilfe e.V. Saar and the Christian Liebig Foundation e.V.

Education is the key to the future. Unfortunately, access to education is difficult for many children and the basic conditions for successful learning are often lacking. Ergosign therefore supports two projects.

We are building a primary school in Malawi

Ergosign donates for primary school in Malawi
There would be enough space here for further buildings, including residential buildings, to attract teachers. Picture:

Starting this year, we will not be sending Christmas cards, which normally have a very short life anyway, but instead focus on sustainability. We want to make a long-term donation! This is why we have decided to support a project that we can support from the very beginning in order to make real progress. With the Christian Liebig Foundation we have found the right foundation for our needs: We want to give children the opportunity to lead a self-determined life - through education.
We support the extension of the Ndege Primary School in Malawi: The primary school currently has 451 pupils, sharing three classrooms and a church about 300 m away, which is used as an additional classroom. The school has no running water, the latrines are in very poor condition. There are no tables and no chairs. There are only few schools within this district. Because of the long distances to get to a school, children usually start visiting school at the age of 11. The extension of the primary school with further classrooms, teacher houses and reasonable sanitary facilities is therefore urgently necessary. Construction will start after the rainy season, in March. We will keep you informed about the progress of the project.

Ergosign donates for Christian-Liebig-Stiftung
Dusty learning: The children of the Ndege Primary School urgently need new classrooms. Picture:

More about the foundation, its projects and especially the Ndege Primary School project can be found here.

But it is not only in Africa that the conditions for school education are not optimal.

Germany is also affected: In some schools 70% of the children come to school without breakfast and would spend the whole morning with a growling stomach if Kinderhilfe e.V. Saar didn’t exist.

We support Kinderhilfe e.V. Saar

Ergosign donates for Kinderhilfe
Dr. Ingrid Kojan, Margarita von Boch, Antonia Nutting von Boch from Kinderhilfe e.V. Saar and Carolin Cullmann, Ergosign

Through their "Early Breakfast" project, Saarland schools are subsidized to provide healthy food for the children. Ergosign is committed to supporting Kinderhilfe e.V. Saar in its long-term preventive projects. In addition to "Early breakfast" and children's cooking courses, which ensure decent meals at schools, Kinderhilfe also supports hospital clowns at hospitals in Saarland who try with their humor to direct the gaze of sick children and their relatives to the beautiful sides of life. We are therefore very pleased to be able to make a donation of 2,000 Euros. As in previous years, the proceeds from our Christmas raffle were doubled by the management.

You can find out more about the projects of Kinderhilfe e.V. Saar here.

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