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Interview on the labour market situation for UX jobs

How is the situation on the job market in the field of user experience and what opportunities and possibilities do UX designers and developers have in this professional field? Heidrun Schulz, Head of the Regional Directorate Rhineland-Palatinate -Saarland, Jürgen Haßdenteufel, Chairman of the Management Board of the Saarland Employment Agency and Tanja Recktenwald, Operative Managing Director of the Saarland Employment Agency, were guests at our Saarbrücken location to exchange ideas on this topic.

Heidrun Schulz explained: "Digitisation is changing the economy and the labour market. Creative approaches and innovations are gaining in importance, customers are becoming more involved in the development of new products and services, new industries and occupational fields are emerging. This is also changing the demands made by companies on their employees. The labour administration sees itself as a service provider for job seekers as well as employers. We can do even better justice to this task by learning at first-hand what formal and informal requirement profiles are needed, where qualification potential lies and what opportunities this offers for our customers".

Heidrun Schulz tests our Mixed Reality Showcase with the HoloLens
Heidrun Schulz tests our Mixed Reality Showcase with the HoloLens

The term "user experience" plays an important role in the product and service development and is used to describe all aspects of a user's experience when interacting with a product or service. This also includes software and IT systems. The focus is not only on what a product is technically capable of, but also on what an operator can achieve with technology and how users can be bound in the long term by comprehensible and joyful products.

We currently employ more than 140 UX specialists at our six locations in Germany and Switzerland. At the Saarbrücken location, there are 84 employees, including two trainees. Job exchanges offer a wide range of job vacancies for UX designers and developers.
Companies, agencies, media houses – all want experts who take care of user experience. But who exactly is Ergosign looking for? "Someone who helps to create not only positive, useful and effortless experiences. A user experience is also shaped by the emotionality of the experience. A UX designer must think holistically. He must fathom the needs of users, understand them and translate them into "design". A user experience is shaped by the emotionality of the experience. Who calls itself UX designer, must penetrate the core of a service and be able to think analytically as well as visually, so our managing director Professor Dr. Dieter Wallach.
Dr. Marcus Plach added that "the lack of young talent and the run of all branches of
industry on the limited number of specialists present the industry with a great challenge. Various reasons can be found for this: In the course of digitization, several qualifications are in demand in all companies. Today, UX agencies compete with
manufacturers who have their own UX departments. For young talents, however, this is precisely why we are attractive as a service provider. The diversity of our projects from a wide variety of industries always offers new challenges and variety in everyday working life".

As in all growth industries, the same applies here: Good is not good enough. Opportunities and challenges must be recognized and mastered. "Employees have to keep up with the pace of innovation in the market. The new requirements demand constant updating of qualifications. The promotion and further training of our team is our top priority," added Christian Grieger, Head of People & Talent. This view has also been confirmed by the Labour Administration: "The digital transformation throughout the economy makes it necessary to build and develop skills for the related tasks: Qualification is not only the key to more professional success for the individual employee, but also for the company as a whole," says Schulz.

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